Sunday, October 3, 2010

A smelly slimey mumma

A really beautiful morning at the North Melbourne market has been followed by a rather ordinary trip to the park around the corner.

After deciding the day called for us to go walking to the post box and park to celebrate the glorious weather we have been so waiting for, we headed off. Pram for Immy who was not happy not to be on her push bike (but I hate the thing, she over rides the steering all the time)and deadly treadle for Popps, who may never get off training wheels before high school.

At the park Immy seemed to want to sit on my knee in the shade and not play, very odd.Then she started to say "home". Super odd for her. So I tried to encourage her to play, and then bllluuurrrrghhhhh. VOMIT. All over me. I cleaned us both up as much as a few huggies wipes can.

About to get her back in the pram and double whammy.VOMIT.

You can just imagine the smell and look of the three of us walking home, one naked screaming baby, one slimy mother with watermelon chunks all over her and one preschooler screaming about having to leave the park and worried the footpath was too wobbly for her training wheels to go over.

Of course SS is at work till midnight, I have the towels ready.


  1. Ergh. Eduardo did that to me once on public transport - 9am on a train, just as it was going through the loop. Ever since I've been really neurotic about carrying plastic bags and wet wipes whenever we get on public transport! Vomit is bad enough, vomit in public ... argh! Hope it was a once (er, twice) off!

  2. Oh Jasmine, spew on trains is even worse, at least I just had to step over it in the park and slop home.

  3. A thank you note left for you on my blog XXXX

    P.s I hope your little one is feeling better X

  4. Ohhhhhh that's nasty!! My nose is far too overactive and I'm starting to smell that vomit from here!!! I also feel your pain re having a screaming big kid who is not too happy at all about having to leave! Aaahhhh breatheeeeeee...then have a glass of red! x

  5. Oh Meg, you know me and bodily fluids - fainting material. Had to pull myself together and not vomit back over the poor bubba.

    Update is I think this little blondie suffers too easily from heat stroke. 20 minutes play on a 24 degree day and she was a goner.

  6. thats so funny, l can just picture you !! HAha,

  7. Oh poor you! I hate those buggy things I hope it doesn't go through everyone. xx just joined your blog!

  8. Oh no! Recovered? Worse? Hope the bug hasn't passed on to you. The only thing worse than dealing with little, spewing people is doing it while you are nauseous too...

  9. oh no, it always happens at the worst times doesn't it...Hope your little one is feeling better now!

  10. Hi all, she is feeling fine.

    And I am not so slimey. :)


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