Monday, October 25, 2010

Screentime that isn't for preschoolers: Santa Paws Review

Let's be honest here, I am not super strict on the amount of screen time my kids have. While I try my super dooper best to entertain them with my singing, dancing, craftiness etc, there are times when I rely on good ol' ABC kids to help me out, they are my inhouse virtual baby sitters, and they do a damn good job.

What I am strict about is what is viewed within this screen time. I have always made sure it is appropriate and age relevant for pre-school children. My girls don't watch the news (which pretty much means I don't either) nor do they watch commercial televsion, so i know they don't see adverts for programs that are not suitable.

Recently I jumped at the chance to review the new Disney Christmas movie The Search for Santa Paws. It has a crazily cute doggy on the front, it is about Christmas and put together by those that have specialised in kids movies for donkeys years.

Popps and I snuggled up on the couch all excited.

Unfortunately about 15 minutes was all she could take.

Within this time the movie takes shape, and Santa heads off to New York with his cute puppy, while an adorable little girl is dropped at a nasty foster home, her parents "didn't make it and had to go to heaven." where the lady in charge throws all their toys in the incinerator, makes them do chores all day and provides no affection.

Meanwhile, poor old Santa is hit by a car on the street, a homeless man robs him and then Santa can't remember who he is.

At this stage, we turned it off. Popps is a sensitive soul I know, but this movie has distressed her for the last few days, we have had discussions about what is not real on television (yes, not even Dora or Little Princess) that the nasty lady is actually really lovely (and has nicer clothes) and the girls all live with their real parents.

So if you have a preschool child that is not used to more intense movies, this is not for you.

However, if you are a sucker for Christmas movies, cute singing children and super happy endings (yes, I admit, I am guilty of such things) than you and your family will love it.

Everything is rounded off perfectly, the homeless thief turns good, the nasty carer gets found out, the two main girls get a family to live with, the dogs all kick up their heels and, phew, Santa is saved. There are also a couple of musical scenes, I should also admit I have Sound of Music up there in my top ten movies, so I do love a musical scene, but these ones do add some happiness/atmosphere/smiles to this movie.

You can watch the trailer for the movie here (not scary I promise) and hang around for a few weeks when I will have a copy of this movie to give away right here on my blog (just in time for Christmas).

If you want to read some of the other reviews on this movie (especially for kids over 4) try here and here


  1. Great review, I too am careful about what the children watch, so I'm glad I know about this one.

    I often have to explain to DP that certain movies and TV shows aren't appropriate for 4yrs and under.

  2. This is such a helpful review and I am so glad you've been honest about it! I might buy it and save it for a few years when mine are a little bit older, it does sound very cute!

  3. I do like a good musical too!
    It's a real shame that kid's movies these days don't break into song every now and then. :D

    My 5 year old get's a little scared/angry when the baddies show up in movies! :(


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