Saturday, October 30, 2010

When stuck inside for the day...

Today, everyone I know pretty much is at the races, SS is there too.

And the rains are coming to town for what is expected to be a major downpour.

So while I am feeling stuck at home with a day inside I have decided to give my lack of craftiness skills a tutorial and give some of the ideas I have gathered over the last couple of weeks a try.

First up, I loved the paper pom poms that Maxabella Loves made for a recent childs party and thought they would be fairly mess free, my kinda craft.

I have the supplies so will give it a try.

Then for the arvo, I must be feeling looney, but I am going to give the spaghetti painting from Hear Mum Roar a bad can it be, can't I just send them out in the rain to clean them up?

Either way, it will help pass the day.

What do you do when every one is away and you can't get outside?


  1. Good luck on your projects! The races is still new to us and I'm afraid the interest hasn't caught up yet. So for this weekend when wet weather is forecasted, I'd be snuggling up with a book with a hot choco by my side.

  2. That spaghetti paint gives me a hernia just looking at it - I can just imagine Dardo running around splattering it all through my white home!

    Did you tell me recently that you live near Moonee Ponds? If you're up for it sometime we could organise a play date at Queens Park! Sometime when it's not raining and miserable, that is.

  3. I hope it goes well Claire:)

    LOL Jasmine! Yeah, you'll notice I had it outside though;)

  4. Oooh, sounds like a fun way to deal with a rainy day. We tend to read a lot of books and play with a lot of puzzles when it's wet outside!

  5. Oh you've so gotta make the pom poms. They are now proudly hanging from Capper's bedroom ceiling and they look amaaaaaaazing. x

  6. I've had a lovely day doing some tapestry. But then again, I don't have to worry about entertaining kidlets so I guess I can do that any time! It's particularly good on a rainy day though...only a book is better :)

  7. Saturdays are crazy every week, rain or shine. It's ballet in the morning, DVD to distract child for an hour, lunch, swimming lesson then finally a kids birthday party at a play centre. Home at last. Ran my own race & so did princess lala.

  8. can't wait to hear how the spaghetti painting went...You are a brave woman...although as you say, you can just send them out in the rain to "clean up"...

    what do i do when stuck inside when everyone is away? Well, if EVERYONE is away, I would PLAN to use this time to finish off some of the creative writing projects I have been working on for the past decade...BUT would probably end up catching up on the magazines I buy and never read...

    And if the kids were with me? On rainy days, the three of us curl up in my bed with about a dozen story books and we read, read, read...

    ahhh, almost makes me wish for rain!

  9. well put your coat and gum boots and play in the puddles , go through about 5 changes of clothes! or we cook cakes, and have fun in the kitchen, or the they play the wii.
    didnt think it was such a drama when it rained , been waiting 10years for rain so always happy to see it or go for a walk in the rain.


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