Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Behind the scenes at a blogger function

Last week I had a blogger function to attend and it was also the day that Mum was in town and Immy was home from creche so the three of us took off together.

What happens at these things?

Well, mainly bloggers talk. They eat. They check out new products.

For this function we had a look at the new range from Arabella Ramsay for Target. It was cute, but I was a bit confused, they were discussing mothers day items, but I found the new range much more tweeny than Mumsy, maybe I am a bit out dated, but the cuts were narrow, the images disney. There is enough Disney in my house already without me adding it to my own wardrobe.

Cristina Re was a guest speaker and I always love hearing from people who have created their  own business. What they did, how they got to the place they are at is always interesting to me. Cristina Re also has a new range available for Target. It was cute, I quite liked it.

The tables were decorated with the Cristina Re stock and finished off with flowers and decorations. Mum loved the painted bird cages with flowers in them so much I think if she had a bag big enough she really would have stolen one. Couldn't keep her eyes off them. I don't know if they came from a florist or from Target, but I know if I find one in a store somewhere I better get one.

Blogger functions are also great for photos. Mainly because I don't take any at all.  Good PR chicks know that a professional photographer is a great idea, and that is how I got these top shots.

And when the speakers have finished and we have had our fill of pretty cakes and finger sandwiches we grab our car parking passes and head off home and check instagram to see all the stuff we missed!


  1. I had a baby sitting crisis and didn't make it :( the perils of living so far away from the centre of everything. Beautiful photos.

  2. I've found that the best part of blogger functions is that people don't mind you tweeting & instagramming! Though I like the idea of having a professional photographer there - very nice touch.

  3. They always seem like so much fun, I wish we would get more over here in lil old Perth!

  4. Those pjs look great on Ms12 - not so sure that'd be that good on me. Those photos are great.

  5. Having never (I repeat NEVER) been to any blog functions (usually because I don't respond to any of my emails - naughty Kymmie), I think I really ought to go to meet some of you girls. It's high time.

    And what a good excuse to check out some new stuff too ;) x

  6. And gorgeous photos of the three generations. Your mum looks fabulous (as do you!) x

    1. I noticed you're all matching too. Excellent for good photos!

    2. I promise, no more comments on this post.

  7. OMG HOW is that family resemblance. Your mum is every bit as gorgeous as you! xx


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