Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The bees are busy at Capilano Honey: A review and giveaway for those who like the sweet stuff

This sweet post is sponsored by the busy bees at Capilano Honey

Capilano Snap n Squeeze

A few weeks ago I received a lunch box in the mail with some honey sachets in it. Immy ripped it all apart and asked to be dressed as Alice in Wonderland using the ribbon that was around the package.

Once we got our outfits under control we decided that today was certainly a day for pikelets. 

I cooked them up adding half a tin of pie apples to my basic recipe.

Immy assisted the best way she knows how by cleaning the spoon.

As the pikelets were cooking she grabbed a snap n squeeze honey, bent it in half and sucked out all the honey. 

She then repeated this twice more before I realised.

The snap n squeeze is a silent little number. It is also really snappy and mess free, it meant no sticky honey fingers all over the place, no drips of honey anywhere on the bench and for this I am very grateful.

With lunch served, I handed over some more honey for Immy to add to her apple pikelets and she loved being in charge of her own food. Snapping the pack and letting it dribble all over the place. Sometimes in big drips and others in slow honey webs. 

Capilano Snap n Squeeze

The taste is clear yummy honey. The same as you usually get. You are rewarded more with convenience here.

Capilano Snap n Squeeze

Usually, I wouldn't use snap n squeeze honey at home, it has so many uses for outside the house and it is a really convenient travel item. I have placed it in the school lunch box and I have taken it to work to add to a herbal tea. I have also taken them when we went away for a weekend and we snuck our breakfast in with our bags to the motel room. 

Capilano Snap n Squeeze

I may have also used them to bribe my children to do things and used honey as a reward for exceptional behaviour (I know there are some judgey judge types who are very unhappy with this practice, I am sorry, but it is a natural product....I will try not to do this more than once a day) but if you put a couple in your pocket when you walk to the park, when you are ready to leave the park you wave the snap n squeeze honey in the air and happily suggest we walk home together while they have a little honey snack, sweet moments for everyone.

Capilano Snap n Squeeze

How do you think you would like to use snap n squeeze honey? Leave me a comment below telling me  how, because Capilano want to send another FIVE people some honey too. I would love to hear what you might use this new product for.

Capilano have a nifty lunch box filled to the brim with snap n squeeze honey, some tea and a lovely tea cup and saucer to send out. (You might even get the pretty ribbon).

Capilano Snap n Squeeze

Terms and Conditions
1) Delivery is to an Australian address only 
2) Enter as many times as you like
3) You do not have to like my facebook page or the page of Capilano Honey, but we would both like it if you did.
4) Comments will bee judged on entertainment merit only (sorry, had to do it once)
5) Comments are open for a full week from Tuesday 14 May until Tuesday 21 May (midnight) and after that comments will close for good.
6) No email, no prize.

May 27 2013

This Giveaway is now closed.

The winners of the giveaway are:

Angie Boylan
Rachel Kriss Newell

I will email you all for details!


  1. love, love, love the concept of this product. If this saves the ants on my bench, the dog licking the floor, the fish having a squeeze of honey "because I think it will make their water yummy" - I'm there! I'II be looking for it next time I'm at the supermarket

  2. Hubby's got it in his head
    To take us camping (I say it with dread!)
    So I'd use the Capilano Snap N Squeeze
    On the journey for convenience and ease
    Drizzled on crumpets for the kids, or even toast
    Or crumpets (the way I love honey the most!)
    I would even have it in my lemon tea
    So please, if you can, pick me please :)

    (Email is

  3. What convenient little sweet packages!!! Especially since we are already totally in love with Capilano honey!!!

    I would have a few packets packed in the nappy bag as we head out every time now - handy to just drizzle on anything really - snackie food, toast, crackers, add to a glass of water - very useful especially when out and about with a fussy eater!!!!

    Thanks for hosting such a awesome giveaway!

  4. I think they'd bee :) awesome to take in the camper trailer!! So much simpler!!

  5. I think these would be great on a long run for some extra energy. I wonder if they would also be good for flights? Sometimes you just want a taste of something familiar and yummy. What a good idea!

  6. My sister-in-law is a keen cyclist and they use these as energy shots while they ride. If it possibly has a similar effect on lazy 7 year old boys complaining as they walk around the supermarket I will have to buy these in bulk!

  7. Lol you are funny :) you always give me a giggle.
    I wouldn't use this at home ... but I am a shift worker and would find this VERY convenient! I also love your idea for having it on hand for herbal tea .... I love my herbal teas. Hmmmm apple pancakes... you sweetened us up .... recipe please :)
    This product could also come in handy in a first aid/hiking/emergency kit for diabetics or low blood sugar probs etc.
    Mmmmm I feel like warm bread and honey now!

    1. This is an excellent idea - first aid kit. I like your thinking. The recipe is from my 1980s AWW book that was being thrown out by someone else. Happy to share it if you really want it.

  8. Three seasons of the year I drink coffee.
    But in Winter I drink tea with honey and milk. Mmm...tea + electric blanket + knee high boots = Winter's arrived.

  9. p.s you can email me by clicking on my name above

  10. Bee, yes I had to do it too, very handy in general.

    In particular I have a son whose latest catch phrase with his sister is YOU SUCK!! The snap n squeeze honey would put a whole new spin on this.

    He is snarky & she is rewarded with a snap n squeeze honey treat.

    No parent of the year reward, but I can see this working a treat - as it were.


  11. Who knew! A post on honey has sweetened my night! A great idea alright. Hate honey on the fingers, dripping down the jar.. I liked all the uses you've found! Great ideas. Sweet, even! Ok.. Couldn't help but BEE smart! D

  12. Sweet little giveaway! My little A would do exactly what Immy did - eat it straight from the packet!

  13. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comMay 14, 2013 at 9:47 PM

    I occasionally get a bit shaky from low blood sugar, it's not bad enough to worry about, just annoying. I usually have something sugary and feel fine soon after. I think having Capilano Honey packets in my bag for times like this would bee (see I can do it too!),amuch healthier alternative!!!!


  14. That sticky sweet goodness that can't be replicated
    Those clever 'busy bees' who are so dedicated
    In making that natural delicacy that we treasure on our food
    The perfect companion on a picnic to include
    Or smothered on carrots, on toast to be chewed
    On sticky honey lamb shanks, the flavour does exude
    That tantalising decadence loved by young and old
    But a mighty, messy disaster when stuck in my toddler's hair, behold.

    Rachel Kriss-Newell (

  15. THAT is an excellent idea isn't it! I mean really...with all the awfully artificially sweetened treats to put in lunch boxes that are going around, how good does that look to have in a children's lunchbox. The benefits of honey are amazing. Perfect for warding away those colds too. I'd be taking it along in my nappy bag (or my own bag!)


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  17. Ooooh how perfect!!! My sons are aged 6 and 7, and as they love honey I seem to be forever in a sticky mess. I'm sure these would solve that little problem in my life! Both facebook pages liked :) Monique xxx (link to my email addy is in my profile page)

  18. I would love to give capilano snap n squeeze honey to my husband during his great ocean road marathon next week so that he can replace some of his gels with
    snap n squeeze honey for energy and refreshment. Moreover me and my son would love to eat honey from snap n squeeze packet with crumpets while we wait for him at the finish line and cheering other runners.......

  19. I'd keep a stash of these in my drawer at work to counter my afternoon desire for a sugar fix, perfect to drizzle on some toast or squeeze straight into my mouth if I'm developing a sore throat.

    Cheers Sharon.

    sharon 7999 at yahoo dot com

  20. For future reference, it's 'an herbal', not 'a herbal'. I have to say I'm jealous of those apple and honey pikelets. Bread and cheese for me.

    1. Hi Anonymous, thanks for dropping by and saying hello. A and an before a H can be tricky for lots of people, in my speech I tend to use 'a herbal', because I actually pronounce the 'h' in herbal, rather than the American style of saying 'erb'.

      For a great explanation on using a before h, I find the article by Grammar Girl useful.

  21. I would love to carry capilano snap n squeeze honey in my bag when I am away from home so that I can use it to make my lemon & honey drink everyday first thing in the morning.That way I will never miss my lemon & honey drink when I am not at home( which I always miss when away from home).

  22. My son is a huge honey fan so I also keep some of these in my handbag or packed in a suitcase for travelling. Perfect for sandwiches for him or to sweeten some cereal, I even use it for my cups of tea.

    Another handy use is squeezing onto a spoon to mix with my sons crushed tablet medication when not at home!

  23. Oohhhh!! Honey, are my candy got me wanting some honey....

    If I won some delicious honey from Capilano I would add it to some oatmeal and make myself a luscious facemask to soak up the wrinkles. If this fails, I will pop it in the microwave and eat it for breakfast!

  24. Bee-autifully sweet giveaway, Claire. Honey is the first request of a morning here at the moment - even before the porridge it's to go on.

  25. My son likes everything that is sweet but all the lollies, multicoloured snakes and candies give him lots of sugar rush and convert him to a over charged hyperactive kid who is difficult to handle. Capilano snap and squeeze is a great way to keep honey with me all the time so that he can eat it with crackers,toast,bananas at anytime without getting unhealthy chemicals from artificial stuff.

  26. Being pregnant with baby number two Capilano snap and squeeze packs are perfect to have in my bag so that I can choose a healthy snack while on the go instead of grabbing a takeaway or any unhealthy snack item.

  27. I totally went and bought some of these to test out on my kids after reading this the other day and my kids ADORE them. I would use them as my 'Pied Piper' trick to get my children sitting quietly for things like doctor's waiting rooms, hospitals (we seem to be there once a month with asthma) and any other boring wait we have.


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