Monday, May 27, 2013

Embracing Winter

This post is sponsored by Target, a place that loves winter.

Are you a lover of the winter season? 

Usually it's the time of year that I struggle to crawl through. The layers of clothing, the washing that never dries, children with snotty noses and coughs through the night. 

Winter and I are not friends. 

Target kids winter clothing 2013

This year I am trying to start winter on a positive note. I am going to welcome winter and look for the moments that winter provides which you just don't get in summer. 

With Winter's Eve almost here I have been really getting in the mood for the cold times ahead.

We started with a poor excuse for a fire in our burby backyard but made the best of it by cooking up some damper. Over on Instagram it was suggested that next time I add in a banana with some nutella to the middle of the damper and then cook it. Lucky it is winter and I can give this a try again soon.

Target kids winter jumper detail 2013Some time since last winter Immy must have eaten a growth spurt tablet. With the clothes in her creche bag about five inches too short and her legs poking out the bottom of her pants we took off to Target for some winter kids jeans and jumpers. I wanted creche clothes only and I let her choose them. This still didn't help when it came time to getting her into a pair of jeans as she declared "The worst day of my life" and uttered the words "You are not a good Daddy" to Mr H.  Luckily we also stocked up on leggings and stockings to match with anything that twirls.

At a price of $12, these are perfect for creche and kinder, and gumboots.

Then we got summer fire ready by being fire side. In fact we made the fire so fabulous that the marshmallow cookers had to wait for some time and scout for very long sticks. It seemed to take forever for the fire to die down enough for them to have a little melting gooey mess on a stick to scoff down.  Apparently it was well worth the wait and more bon fires are planned this winter. Next time I will be adding in some red wine too (not for the little people).

This winter there is garlic growing (or planted at least) for the first time in my garden and pumpkins from the in-laws that are cooking in a Pumpkin and Chickpea curry on the stove, this is a dish that just wouldn't work for summer. 

Fires shared with friends and family, warm clothing and puffer vests,  red wine, hot bread with melting butter and home grown pumpkins are just the start of this winter. Things are looking good.

What will be making your winter a good one?


  1. I love the coloured jeans, so would my boys.
    My fire is making winter a good one , it's toasty warm.
    We are planning to light our bonfires soon - dozens of them :).

  2. Winter and I are not friends either :(
    Maybe I will need to try a fire.

  3. WHOA! That bonfire is AWESOME! Not such a fan of winter but it means I can wear my kick-ass stocking and crazy cat shoes, so that makes me smile. It's also footy season - another bonus and there's a possibility of skiing...funds permitting.

  4. I love curling up on the couch under a blanket with a milo when it's raining outside. I love wearing several layers and boots. I love scarves. This year will be Xanthe's first look at snow and I can't wait!!

  5. Yes, you are embracing winter in all ways. Fabulous! I love buying my lads gumboots and new jeans for winter, and they've both got 'leather' jackets this year to keep them snug! I am scarfed up, our garden is booming with winter soup specials, and we are now ready!

    I hope you continue with the positive spirit as it gets colder! x

  6. I love it! Secretly I prefer Winter to Summer (sunshine and red hair - we were never really a match). I believe people focus too much on the problems of winter (cold, wet, dark) and not enough on the remedies (fireplaces, hot chocolates, snuggly knits... I could go on...)


  7. A beautiful post on winter, I am trying to change my perspective too - love the idea of bonfires and red wine - I must say, one of my favourite aspects of winter is the hot delicious soups we get to have - not something you can have in summer at all xx

  8. Winter is not my friend either. My least favourite of the four seasons to be sure. I hate being cold. (Yes I know - but I live in Ballarat!!!) I too am making an effort this year. Focusing on all the good stuff and telling myself to make the most of it.

  9. Love this post! Beautiful pictures, cosy and from the heart. I want your little girl's beige knitted jumper. Wish it came in my size.


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