Thursday, May 2, 2013

UNBLOGGED - Anglesea - AUGUST 2013

We had such a fun time getting unbloggy a couple of months ago that I am organising another weekend.

What is this Unblogged I speak of?

It is a weekend for people interested in blogging and social media in general to meet up and talk all things related to the industry. The weekend is relaxed, it has no meetings to attend, no workshops or seminars. There are no obligations to tweet, instagram, facebook, review or share anything at all.

But you can if you like.

No invitation is required, if you want to meet and hang out with people who love social media, than you are welcome to attend.

You can come on your own, bring a friend, your family, whatever works for you.


Often bloggers or social media managers (like me) work in teams of one. We work from home or in the back office under the stairs. When we have networking opportunities they are usually sponsored by someone else and can come with obligations. Also, you never know who will be there to chat with and for how long. Other conferences might be more formal with lots of workshops etc. They are also big and can be intimidating for some people. Getting unblogged is just about going away for the weekend and chatting to other like minded people.

Enough with the chatter, just tell me the details.....

This time we are hitting the coast - in Winter.

Friday 9 August and Saturday 10 August 2013

Big 4 Anglesea is the place to book.

The phone number is 5263 1640

There are cabins - new and older versions, there are camping spots and jumping pillows. There is a pool and there are kangaroos.

When you call to book in, you can ask to speak to Jess or tell them you are after the Unblogged Group Package:

Two nights in a 2 bedroom unit for a family of four - $270 
Two nights in a 3 bedroom unit for a family of 6 - $350 

Camping does not have a two night minimum, it is $40 for 2 people and $10
extra per person OR a package: Two nights on a powered site for up to 6 people $90.

Depending on what you prefer, there is a facebook group or a Google + group that you can join to keep up with all the news, connect with others or discuss any issues. Otherwise, just leave a comment and I will answer any questions. 

Hope to see you there!


  1. I loved the Grampians weekend. I hope I can attend this one too. Will see how the finances pan out in the wake of the house buying.

  2. Hmm, from Adelaide to Anglesea? Maybe?

  3. Sounds fantastic. What a great idea! Will think of you lot while here in ye distant Perth, solo, probably drinking wine on the lounge!

  4. We all loved the Grampians weekend :) We're debating about how cold it will be in the camper-trailer in August. I'm thinking Brrrrrrrr!! But hopefully we will be there again.

    1. Camp fire! A nice big one. Come on, you will love it.

  5. That's a terrific idea. Let me know when you roll out the franchise to Brisbane ;) I bet it's really inspirational to chat with other bloggers in that laid back environment. You probably learn as many new things as you would at an 'official' blogger event/workshop.

  6. Annie, you are but a road trip away! Grab the camper and we will see you there.

  7. It sounds wonderful but a bit far for me! People in SE Qld might be interested in the Redland Blogger Meetup I'm hosting on 29 May - full details on my blog, just look for "Redland Blogger Meetup"!

  8. What a great idea this sounds. I've enjoyed the conferences I've been too m=but do get overload and timetable burnout. Must look up to see where Anglesea is. I'd also really enjoy a bit of bloggy heart-to-hearting with no spin.

  9. Just wanted to let you know I have booked the accommodation and am really looking forward to meeting you & the others attending. My hubby is a keen fisherman, so if there are any other partners interested, they should bring their fishing rods along.

    1. Hi Amanda, Fantastic. I am pretty sure he will have at least one person keen to fish with him - Mr H loves to go fishing, but really he has very very few opportunities.


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