Thursday, May 9, 2013

A moment in your day: Swinging

The topic for the challenge today is very simple; A moment in your day.

If you are a parent, pushing swings can be a common moment in your day.

Your first child might get plonked in a swing really early as you are so keen to try out all your new baby gadgets. Some days you wonder if your child will ever get off the swing. There are moments you try and squeeze your own hips into the narrow bit of space on the swing, only to realise that you really are way to wide for such things. There are moments when you think you just can't push a swing one more day, the boredom will eat you alive. 

Then the moments are memories.

Your kids can push themselves. 

Unless you build a really big swing - then they still need you for a little bit longer!

Where are you at with your swinging moments these days?


  1. My kids do their own swinging these days and they could do it for hours on end given half a chance. I love the joy on their faces when they do and remember my own when I did what they do now. Even, sometimes, when I do squeeze onto a swing seat, I still feel it.

  2. Bahaha. So funny Claire. Yes, I've kidded myself that I love playgrounds. But my husband said the other day that he doesn't like them and only goes because he loves his children. Yes, he told The Children. I decided that I only like them because the boys do.

    And my bum doesn't fit in most of them either. But when it does, I'm a big kid again! x

  3. I love pushing my boys on swings, and they me in the hammock.
    Lovely moment Claire.

  4. So many swing memories here too. My kids do their own swinging these days, though I still have those moments of panic when I see other little ones run around the back of my kids swinging.

  5. We're still at the swing pushing stage here. There are days I have a zillion things going through my head and I feel so frustrated that I have so much waiting to be done. But then there are days when I can switch off and just get caught up in the moment - the giggles, the "higher, higher", the "did you know I could do this mum??" I know it'll be over in the blink of an eye, I wish I could have more switch off days.


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