Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Calling the favourites

There isn't a lot of stuff on the box that I just really love to watch. There is nothing that I miss and must try and catch up on at another time.

Except for Call the Midwife.

Every now and then a show comes along that I just fall in love with. They are shows that I want other people to watch with me, but at the same time, I don't want anyone to talk in case I miss a single second of the story.

I love any show that tells me a bit about history from a personal point of view, with characters that I think I would have liked to have been friends with. Stories that make me think about how I would have handled a situation had I been placed in the world at that precise point in time. Just what would life be like post war, in hard economic times minus the technology that we now consider so very basic, like constant to water. I love the one liners that are smart and fun from Trixy, how Jenny is so contained when you know she is so shocked at the situation and how the nuns are able to surprise you with their solutions to find the best ending.

Mix all this with actors that seem born to play the parts, costumes that represent the time accurately and I am hooked. I watch each Sunday night and it feels like I am catching up with my new friends. Then the series ends.

There is a big sigh from me and a simple hope that the series will return another day. I don't go and buy the DVD box set because even when I love the show, I have seen it.

The void needs to be filled with books instead. I have never been a part of a book club, but I just finished a book and all I could think afterwards was "what would I have done? " and "why was that particular story line a part of the story, it could have been totally left out and the book would have been just the same?". I would have really liked to have had a few others to chat to about the book, to know if they enjoyed it as I did and what they think they would have done. The book is called The Husbands Secret by Liane Moriarty, and if you are a part of a book club, it's an easy read that has some twists and turns along the way, could be a fun one to discuss.

Are you in a bookclub or are such things way too dorky for you. Are you too cool for Call the Midwife or do you love it like I do?



  1. Downton Abbey love it.

  2. I have The Husbands Secret in my hot little hands thanks to our chat on Twitter the other day! Can't wait to get started after I finish re-reading The Great Gatsby before the movie comes out.

    1. Oh, I hope you like it, I am always worried when I say I like a book and no one else likes it.

  3. At the moment Hubby and I are watching Breaking Bad - we are a bit behind.
    When I was pregnant with my son (he is 16 weeks old), Dad told me not to watch Call the Midwife because it mght freak me out too much. I am still too scared to watch it and it is probably competely fine! hahaha
    I would love to be in a book club. We should start an online one :)

    1. Oh, CTM is not bad at all. Most of them are home births, they had an episode where they introduced gas, it was really funny, I am pretty sure the gas they had was much stronger than what we get these days - theirs was in a tank, like a scuba diving tank. I would have loved to put that on my back and walk around for a few hours in labour!


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