Friday, May 31, 2013

Got any friends from primary school? Not me.

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Oh the 80s. Such a time was had. I remember wearing my fluoro fingerless gloves to one of my schools, the only part of the uniform you could really make your own. When I shot my arm in the air to answer a question the teacher could see me from miles away. He was probably wearing Ray Ban aviator sunglasses to protect his eyes from all that glare.

Amazingly I don't have a single friend from back in my primary school days in the early 80s. 

My first school was great, but I left there at the start of grade 2. When you move around as a kid you meet lots of new friends and it can become hard to keep up with all the old ones. Especially when you are only just learning to write and computers have not yet entered the home environment. Friends become pen pals, but you can’t write to five friends every night. Over time, the new friends replace the old.

It might be different these days. If we were to move around Popps could use Skype, or Facetime to chat with her friends. When she is older she would be texting or using Kik or Vine or Keek or any other new app that allows instant contact with people. Keeping in touch is just one of the benefits of modern technology.

New tools, tablets and apps provide so many advantages to kids these days and that is why Colgate is running a campaign as part of their Bright Smiles Bright Futures project to allow you to win an iPad for your old primary school and of course one for yourself to play with.

As part of the campaign they have a fun app on facebook where you put in the faces of your friends from primary school. I took a look at it and of course I couldn’t enter to win the iPad they have on offer as I just don’t have any primary school contacts.

You need a few friends from your own primary days to make up a picture of your class.  Colgate are looking for bright smiles! 

The app is really easy to use and once you have a go at it you go into the running for the iPads.  I am hoping someone from Popps’ school gives it a try and they might win one for our school. I am a big believer in the benefits of iPads in the classroom and how they are so versatile, allowing children of all levels and needs to learn in so many different ways. 

Have you got any friends from primary school  - or do you sticky beak at any people you used to go to school with on facebook sometimes?


  1. Yeah I'm like you - don't really have any friends still from primary school days. Though I do have one on Facebook ...

  2. Great idea! My two closest friends are from primary school!

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  4. nope .. not from primary school or secondary school ....
    I've grown up and moved on .......
    not to mention I was a bit of a nomad until my 30s .....

    Sounds like fun for those that had terrific friends and have kept in touch.

  5. Thinking ....... thinking .... hmmmmmm kind of - but not really close any more. I went to a little country school so there wasn't a big scope for loads of friends. Might have to go have a search on facebook :)

  6. if it wasn't for Facebook I wouldn't have any "friends" from primary school. I barely stay in touch with friends I made in the last five years. I think I'm a natural hermit.

  7. hmmm.... I don't have enough from primary school on facebook. Unsurprising. I remember unfriending some awhile back because they were annoying.

  8. I do :-) I have a couple from primary school and I have a friend from grade 6. I don't think we've ever gone more than a month without contact! I feel really lucky. She's like my sister :-)


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