Friday, May 3, 2013

Whimsical is not used enough.

There are sayings all over the Internet telling you the best way to live. Finding a favourite is impossible, but that is my task for today in the 30 day blogging challenge.

You are likely to have heard some of Mary Oliver's words before, but this is one I like to see pop up.

You must not ever stop being whimsical. And you must not, ever, give anyone else the responsibility for your life.”

― Mary Oliver, Wild Geese

Now go be a little whimsy!

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  1. There isn't enough whimsy is there.
    WIll be sure to add some into my weekend.

  2. I love fanciful, whimsy needs to be done more often.

    I have failed at giving someone responsibility for my life.... it would have been a success if they came with me. :( xx

  3. THere is definitely not enough whimsy!
    There should be more of it.


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