Saturday, May 4, 2013

This is what makes me uncomfortable

The question is, what makes you uncomfortable?

The obvious answer for everyone is, bad undies. Undies that are the wrong cut or that give a wedgie. Really pure discomfort.

Or maybe it isn't the obvious answer for you.

There are other times I am uncomfortable.

There are the times I put my jeans in the dryer in a hurry to get them ready to wear out and burn myself with the heat on the steal metal points on the pockets. Yep, that was uncomfortable.

Blood tests are uncomfortable, and even more so when you faint when you have them. This is also uncomfortable if you hit the floor quickly.

Telling the school Mums that you are a blogger. A whatter? That's uncomfortable too. Makes you get all nervous and sweaty and worried they will google you and find all sorts of random stuff you have written and think you are officially crazy.

Public speaking - TOTALLY uncomfortable. Especially if you think the room is full of people that are smarter than you, or worry they will see how nervous you are, your hands shaking and even worse, the thing that makes me really uncomfortable, people asking a question when you are speaking, then again if no one asks a question at question time, the silence is, well uncomfortable.

How do you answer the question: what makes you uncomfortable?


  1. Pretty much everything makes me uncomfortable at the minute! #40weeks :)

  2. Ummm, new shoes that cause massive blisters make me uncomfortable and also angry! When I need to go to the toilet and there is no toilet around, that makes me uncomfortable too!

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  4. Yes bad undies make me uncomfortable and especially bad undies with disposable liners. This is my reason for designing my own underwear that is comfortable and replaces the need for disposable liners

  5. Public speaking yes!
    I get uncomfortable when someone else is nervous in a social situation because I am too and I know how bad it feels so I end up feeling bad for me and them!

    Oh and bulky coats. Damn you winter!


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