Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This, just in via email...

Our creche is back to its best.

The follow up to my tantrum yesterday:

Edited version of email just in:

Since our catch up I would like to inform you that FM radio will not be being played within the children's learning spaces at Creche.
All educators are now aware of this.
I am in the process of purchasing additional music to extend our music selection...

Issue over. The End.


  1. woohoo! that's very reassuring. and how gorgeous is that sand/water space? love it.

    1. Yes, the play spaces are the best I have seen, the veg/herb garden much better than I can manage at home!

  2. At last, a victory for common sense. My children are in the middle to upper levels of primary school and I still won't play FM radio in my car at drop-off/pick-up, so how they thought it could be a good idea to play it in a daycare perplexes me no end. Well done, Claire.
    From a new reader.

  3. Damn RIGHT FM stations should not be played at daycare! Bloody hell, that's really wrong. Good on you, Claire. I would have complained too .. repeatedly.

  4. What a win for you. Good on you for standing up for what you believe in and not backing down. This decision can only benefit every child at the centre, even if none of the other parents complained.

  5. Yay
    Totally correct decision
    Good on you

  6. The boys daycare asked parents to 'borrow' their kids favourite CDs and expanded their music collection that way. Cheap for them, and the parents had a good opportunity to influence what their kids were listening to. Not sure how they felt about adding Elvis to the Wiggles/Justine Clarke/Hooley Dooleys...

  7. That's better!! I wonder if they found and read your Blog teehee :-)

  8. I couldn't comment from the iPad last night on your previous post.

    So glad it is resolved, that is just shambolic that commercial FM station was played at creche.

  9. Hooray! Nice victory.
    We're in the process of upgrading the outdoor space at our preschool, putting one of these pumps in, I think it'll be a hit, great learning environment, without the FM music!

  10. Well done Claire!! That's one of the things I love about my day care centre. There's no TV, they play music for the babies (Em is just 10months) but the music they play is all different genres classical, nursery rhymes, justine Clarke, old stuff, new stuff, all very quietly & all age appropriate. I love that for 2 days per week Em is isolated from the commercialisation of the outside world.
    Well done. I'm sure other parents are appreciative of your tantrum!!


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