Thursday, May 10, 2012

Found around the interwebs

Thought I would share a couple of my favourite reads in blog world this week.

I may also have been hanging out in PicMonkey a little - click on the images to go to the original source.

   I made this after seeing the recipe at Where's My Glow.
I left out the All Spice and added Dried Cranberries. It is good!

I dribbled over the extreme detail on this Farm Party that Maxabella Loves
 put on for her son.

This blog is filled with beautiful rooms, most I would be happy to sleep in.
Check out Just Kids Wallpaper for ideas to deck out your kids room. 

I have added this to the list of meals that I am making next week,
 found at The Misadventurous Maker.  Shall let you know how I go.

What have you found this week either online, in the paper or from a friend?


  1. I'm so glad you liked it! I thought you might have left out one of the spices because it seemed a little lighter in colour :) I'm soooo adding cranberries next time! x

    1. Only left it out because I had none! I also left out the salt as I try to not cook with it and it was still great.

  2. Maxabella's farm party would totally give Tori Spelling's party planning ideas in CelebraTORI a run for its money. Fantastic!

  3. That pumpkin and sage lasagne is going on next weeks meal plan. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Let me know if you cook it and have any other tips (short cuts are best for me!)

  4. Thanks for including my recipe on this fab list! I can't wait to check out Maxabella's farm party pics - I've been watching her pinterest boards with intrigue over all the fab touches.

    I really hope you love the lasagna - I'm making it for my birthday dinner next week I love it so much. It is really simple - much quicker than a regular lasagna with tomato or bolognaise sauces. I chop the pumpkin really roughly and in large pieces and whack them in the oven while I grate the cheese and gather ingredients or do other things and then once it's assembled you can put your feet up and just wait! ;-)


  5. Thanks for sharing! Glow is amazing with her recipes and Maxabella's parties are always wow-worthy!

  6. Oh look! That's ma faaarm partee right there. Thanks Clairey.


    PS - have you noticed that I've taken to bulk-reading posts? Might have missed this one if I didn't! x


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