Thursday, May 24, 2012


I am learning that school holidays come around pretty quickly. Terms do not seem to go for very long at all.
When the school holidays arrive it is useful to have a couple of special days with an activity or a destination that gets you out of the house, tires out the kids and gives them something to remember from those holidays. Sometimes for us this means going to the indoor pool and staying until you get wrinkly. 
On extra lucky days it means heading off to Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate, the latest Disney production. 

I have no idea what it will be like, I can't tell you that you are going to love it, all I can tell you is that I love having it all organised and that we are going. I will also be using it to bribe the girls to brush teeth, hair, go to sleep, stop whinging and not ask for anything for the next 6 weeks. I like to get value out of such things. 

I do love a musical, great costumes and nearly any live performance so I expect to enjoy it myself!

Immy is mad about Minnie Mouse, she may squeal like a tween at a One Direction Concert.

I can also tell you that I have 8 tickets to give away. 

I am going to split them so that there will be 2 winners of four tickets each for you to use with your family or friends. This is four tickets - not a family pass - four tickets.


Thursday the 5th of July at 2:30pm, in MELBOURNE

Each ticket is valued at $42.50 which means four tickets = $170. That is the value of your prize. If you don't get to this presentation time, you do not get $170, you get a message saying, bad luck.

To enter this giveaway is very very simple. Just tell me why you want to go. 
Last comments accepted at 8pm Monday 28 May. AEST Time.
Best two answers will be selected on Monday 28 May. Winner will be announced when I get time to post it, likely on facebook and twitter first. 
If I do not have an email address for you, please include it in your comment. 
If I do not hear back from the winner with 72 hours of sending my email the prize will be redrawn.
Entry open to anyone who can make it to the event at the time mentioned above.

Note: The spacing on this post is wrong, I know it, I just can't get it working and am giving up for the moment.

Edited: 28 May 2012: This giveaway is now closed.

Winners are MichVee - as a bonus prize for finally getting her licence at age 32 and Kari, she has never even seen the snow. But Kari has not supplied her email address - she has 72 hours people!


  1. WOW, what an amazing prize!
    The reason why I'd love to go is because I'd love to be able to take my daughters on an outing, on my own. That is something I have NEVER done before. You see, up until late last year, I was always too afraid to drive. But on my 32nd birthday, I got given vouchers for driving lessons and I decided to take the plunge and begin the lessons. I finally overcame my fear - I got my license on my very first attempt!
    In the past, I've always had to decline invites to birthday parties and outings as I couldn't get there, but now I've got my license, I'd love to treat them with this wonderful prize.
    They were a great support when I was having lessons, and they believed in me when others didn't. That's why I'd love to go. Thankyou for the opportunity. Email is if I am fortunate enough to be chosen :)

  2. OK, So my first concert was Tears for Fears in the 80's. I think I would like my Miss Four to enjoy her first concert as much as I enjoyed my first concert. Although slightly different, Still singing, dancing and loads of screaming.
    When asking Miss Four why she would like to go, she said" I want to see the Drorfs!! They live with Snow White.

  3. oh yes please! My four year old would love love love it! Mickey and Minnie are her favourites at the moment. If I hear "Dog dig dog dig dog diggity dog" one more time! Hmmmm maybe I should just change the chanel. Did I mention that she loves loves Mickey!

  4. Oh Misses 7 and 9 are on an ice skating dream team gig at the moment and this would just top it off for them. They have learnt how to use the computer catalogue at the library and we now have a basket full of such titles as "Skating School - white skate wishes" and "Ice Dancing - 5 tips to success" and other such literary marvels. Considering that we live nearly THREE hours away from the nearest ice rink the likelihood of them learning to skate is...... nil. This - I would make the effort for. This prize would blow them away. PLEASE choose me (and I will happily drive to Melbourne for them to attend)

  5. I really want to win these because my hubby needs an excuse to take a sickie! He's never takes a sick day, even if he is sick. He saves them for surprise events..Like this One! What a great surprise event for the kids..Mum and Dad and a day out with M I C K E Y ....M O U S E!! (and Minnie and all the story book characters.)

  6. clearly you are a neat freak like me. I'd be cursing over spacing too.

  7. OK!!
    Back again..I was thinking If my hubby can't get off work and I win these amazing Tickets it might give Grandma something to do in the Holidays when she is looking after the kidlets. There is only so many times you can visit Kmart!

  8. I really want these tickets because everytime the commercial comes on for it,my 4 yr old son will pester me for about 30 mins.So i really NEED these tickets for my sanity and so he can see his beloved Toy Story characters! Also seeing as ive never seen an ice rink or even snow for that matter, this could be our only chance. Pretty please with a cherry on top :)

  9. Wow, what a great price Clairey! Who wouldn't want to go I say. Disney characters are such classics and are good old fashioned family characters. My 6 months old little girl may not really understand what goes on but I'm sure she'd love the blur of colours and light. My 2.5yr old son would ab-a-solutely love it. Their Mother and Father might just enjoy it aswell ;) Alisa Porteous -


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