Monday, May 28, 2012

Good smells required

Operation Open Fire was a mere simple plan.

A plan to remove the unused, though working perfectly, gas heater from our front lounge room and use the space for an open fire. The picture was simple. Open fire roaring, with me lazing in front of it, glass of red wine and the weekend papers.

Once the gas man and the electrician had been to visit, the chimney sweep refused to come over saying the chimney had never been used so clearly didn't need soot removal, we got to work building a fabulous big fire.

They say when first getting the chimney going you need to get it roaring to really warm up the chimney and make the 'draft' work.

No one said we should check the height of the chimney and that the hole at the top needs to a precise size (minimum 10% of the opening at the front of the fire).

Next thing you know Roaring Fire = Smoke Filled Lounge Room. Camp fire smoke. Even the expensive 'non smoking, enviro logs' were billowing smoke into the house. With the fire roaring we couldn't exactly pick the logs up to remove them.

Fire Alarms going off - check.

Clean washing all hanging in the lounge  - check.

So Operation Open Fire has not yet been a success.

Instead we have washed the walls, the roof, the ceiling fan, skirting boards, all the cushions, linen, clothes again, carpets, books and still the smell of campfire remains in the house.

Roses from the garden, room sprays, reed diffusers - I am trying what I can (other than smelly candles as the fear of more smoke terrifies me) but the campfire stench remains.

And I don't even like camping.

Please send good smells asap.


  1. Oh dear! That was certainly an adventure.

    Is it possible for you to leave the windows open for a while and let the air drag it out? I know it's freezing out, so that's not ideal.

    I hope next time you get it going, it's a bit more successful.

    1. Yep, house is freezing, central heating is blowing the smoke around in and out too! It's never ending.

  2. Oh nooo! Sending good smells your way. X

  3. Ah the smell of a wood fire... there is noting like it. It will go away, eventually. One day. Then, you'll get all sentimental and think about the good old days of open fires... it's a cycle. A smokey, smelly, cycle.

  4. You have my every sympathy - I loathe that hang around smell of woodsmoke that NEVER leaves! Although part of me is going Ha! Another reason to NOT do it at ours! The bloke really desperately wants to pull out our unused heater and return the fireplace to its former glory. I have been saying "no" for oooh, nearly ten years. While I will continue to say NO at regular intervals, I am sure I will come home one day to find the job has been done.

    1. Just print out this post - DON"T DO IT!

      I have now bought Mr H a fire pit for outside. At least we have the wood!

  5. Hahah open the house up and let fresh air in !! did you check the chimmey not blocked???

    get a wood heater much better!!

  6. This made me laugh out loud! Wishing you good smells in the near future.

  7. Yikes! We had a fireplace in our house growing up and I learned then that it was more trouble than it was worth!

  8. I often look longingly at my disused fire place and wish I could get it working. After reading your post I don't think I'm that keen any more.

  9. Oh no! Similar has happened to my parents. Apparently a bird made a nest in the opening over summer. First lit fire for the winter = smoke filled house! Hope you get rid of the stetch soon!


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