Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Domestic Goddess Success

I asked Mr H to choose the cake he would like for his birthday this year. Usually this is partly his choice and partly which ever child speaks loudest about what they want.

This year he gave me two options - A White Christmas or a Giant Chocolate Cake. I don't get why he would want a cake decorated like a snowy Christmas  for his birthday.

I went with the choccy one.

I quite enjoy making a cake. But I don't like having to serve the cake to people other than the kids who think anything covered in icing is a master piece.

When it became clear I was going to have 10 people at dinner to eat the cake I got a little nervous.

But away I went.

The cakes are so decadent that it took over two hours of cooking time for them.

The ganache icing has 700grams of chocolate and a tub of cream.

It was more a game of being patient and letting time do its job of cooking/cooling/setting.

And when if finally came time to serve it up it was well worth the six hours this cake took from start to finish.

It didn't look like the picture. But it did look and taste mighty fine. 

Do you think you can have too much chocolate in a cake?


  1. Too much chocolate? No such thing :)
    Good job Baker Claire :)

  2. no such thing as too much chocolate in a cake! yum!

  3. Agreed! Well done. Cooked with love. Devoured. Yum. Love a multi layer anything!

  4. Too much chocolate? NEVER
    This cake looks delicious.

  5. This looks fab - actually I don't think you had enough chocolate.

    1. You're right, there was a spare 100 grams that we just ate on its own!

  6. Great job! And I don't think any cake comes out looking like the picture. I've decided that all those kids cakes are not really cakes at all, but rather books or something super sturdy...but definitely not cake!!

  7. This looks divine and nope - the more chocolate, the better!

  8. Geez! That is one rich cake! I reckon I could handle a slither *winks*. Happy birthday to Mr H! x


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