Thursday, May 17, 2012

I have a secret weapon

You can call her Mary.

Proud Mary really, but just Mary for short.

Mary is the only song I have found that actually makes me get running on the treadmill.

Me and running are never going to be friends but Me and Mary, we can belt out a kilometre on the treadmill at a fast pace.

I know I have a few friends and twitter peeps trying to improve their running skills, so here you go, just add Mary to the Ipod, the smart phone or even the CD player.

If you're lucky enough to not be running, put Mary on while you cook tea and you will notice how much more fun it is, be careful of high leg kicks and disco duck moves, don't go putting your back out.

If you need more hard factual evidence - just check out Tina's legs after a few decades of prancing around to Proud Mary. The lady has legs that I want when I am 60+.

Not so secret weapon any more.


  1. Mate, if Mary is all it takes for a body like Tina's... bring it ON!

  2. I am going for the Mary if I can get to look like Tina xo

  3. Thanks Claire - I will look it up ...I like what doesn't kill you makes you stronger LOL.

  4. I love this song, it gets me grooving every time it comes on. I musn't be doing the leg kicks right because my legs sure don't look like Tina's, hahaha.

  5. My mum is turning 60 this year. She's a singer and actually does an awesome Tina Turner, legs and all. I hope I have inherited the gene for awesome legs at 60, I can pass on singing in clubs in a Tina wig ;)


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