Friday, May 18, 2012

I am bringing in the "Change the empty toilet roll" Star Chart.

I saw a tweet today suggesting that you could use a star chart to teach your children correct coughing etiquette.


 Just how many star charts have people got going on in their homes?

Are the kids not sure what to do for fear of losing a sticker on a chart?

If you need a chart, I found this very pretty one at a blog, you can download
it yourself at: All Things Simple.

So far I have seen charts that are suggested for toilet training, fussy eaters, bad behaviour, sleep routines getting ready in the morning, getting home reading done and now correct coughing.

That could be a lot of star charts, especially if you have a few kids.

If we are going to have star charts to teach kids to cough/blow noses properly, what else do you think we could use them for?

The best answer wins a big fat star sticker from me.

Here are a few to get you started...

- The Close the door the heater is on star chart. 

This one gives stickers just for closing the door and if the chart is full then we don't get sent to the poor house when the gas bill arrives

- The empty toilet roll holder chart 

The person first to get 5 stars on this chart gets a weekend away to a resort, because I am 100% sure the only person to get a star will be me.

What else have you got for me?

Disclaimer: I don't care if you love star charts and use them I just think the whole star chart fad is going too far.


  1. The Breakfast Dishes in the Dishwasher chart (nothing makes me snakier than putting dishes for meals I've not eaten in the dishwasher when I get home from work).

    Actually, in light of the previous one, lets make it simple... Dishes IN the Dishwasher chart.

    The Not Getting Undressed Like a Stripper chart...

    The shut the bloody boot chart (two stars for remembering to shut it on a wet night.)

    1. LMAO @ The Not Getting Undressed Like a Stripper chart! Love it! I have 3 boys who find it necessary to fling clothes in every direction when getting undressed :p

  2. I could really use a Getting Dressed in Under 5 Minutes Chart or even a I Had a Haircut and Didn't Scream chart!

  3. the SocksGoInTheLaundryNotDownTheBackOfTheLounge Chart

    the CloseTheFrickenCupboardDoors Chart

    the TheCarDoesn'tFillItselfWithFuelSoGoToTheBloodyServo chart.

    ...these things work for men-of-the-house, don't they?

  4. The put the toilet seat down after you use it chart. I have boys!!! ;-)

    The dirty washing goes in the laundry basket UNLESS it's a wet towel chart. This one is primarily for my eldest - 36 year old husband! Grrrrr! Hello, mouldy laundry!

    The do not beg for crap every time we enter a shop chart.

    Luckily I don't actually do charts or all of mine would be like this!!!! ;-)

    1. Love the Do not beg for crap every time we enter a shop chart!

    2. Yes, Amy, that's a genius idea!

  5. All of the above and:

    don't leave your whiskers all over the sink chart

    don't fart on me in bed chart

    leave the damn remote ALONE while I am watching something chart

    stop talking to me when it is clear I am typing very important things on the internet chart.

    Methinks all of these charts are for my husband.

    1. lol. I will also order a whiskers in the sink chart and maybe I can get a clean the toilet bowl after yourself chart.

      I also need a do the housework before tweeting chart.... but that ones for me.

  6. The bobby pin chart

    Every 20 bobby pins I pick up (because obviously bobby pins are in invisable to 16 year old daughters who leave a trail of them all over the freakin house) will result in 20 free and glorious minutes that I can have the bathroom vanity to myself. Yes, this is the anxiety they don't warn you about when you build your first home with just one bathroom. Thinking that you will have moved on from said starter home before the babies become teens, but alas finding yourself divorced and sharing one toilet, one shower, one vanity with two teenagers. Oh the humanity!

  7. I think if you live in an all male household you would absolutely understand the need for the toilet roll change chart!!

    I have a new system with my 2 boys where I give them 5 cents for their piggy banks every time they wipe up their friggin pee from the toilet seat & floor! (This system was very much needed as Master 5 whips down the jocks and stands with willy hanging in the breeze...."if I don't touch it I don't have to wash my hands" is his way of thinking!).

    They come out proudly exclaiming "Mummy I have cleaned the seat & only used one wipe" with hand held outstretched for the coin!! I gladly hand it over let me tell you!

    Tonight I'm also thinking of starting up a new reward chart....the 'every time you fight Mummy gets a glass of wine' for a good night I reckon!
    Miss Meg x

  8. Oh this is brilliant! I don't do star charts but if I did I'd have;

    Dishes IN the dishwasher not next to it or above it chart
    Dirty washing IN one of the 3 laundry baskets we have. I don't care which. Again, proximity to the basket does not equal IN the basket chart
    The Check & pack the requisite number of nappies/wipes etc in the nappy bag chart
    The clean up all the bits of coffee splattered all over the kitchen wall/bench/cupboard when emptying the used ground coffee into the dregs bucket chart

    And that's just for my Mr!!!

  9. The "Only call for mum once" Chart as opposed to "Mum" "MUm" "Mum" "Mum" "Muuuuuuuuuum""Mum"? "Mum"?

    The "Come into my room and say good morning before demanding my iPhone to play Plants v Zombies" Chart

    The "Put the dirty socks IN the laundry basket not next to it" Chart

    The "Not saying "I'm hungry" every hour" Chart

    The "Don't forget your wife's birthday" Chart

    I could go on. Such fun :-D

    1. Oh Coal Valley View, I am with you 100%, especially the call mum once one ...aaarrrggghh! And I'd add a "don't forget mother's day one for hubby too who couldn't even just hand a paper and pen to my 3 yr old so she could draw me a picture.

      Loving these - thanks to everyone for the crack up and the "oooh, totally!" moments. How about....

      The "Not doing a nudie run at every single opportunity" chart

      The "Not waiting until mum answers the phone to shout continuously that you've done wees in your pants especially since you were happy to watch another 3 episodes of peppa pig since you did it" chart

      The "Don't rewind the tv to watch the same episode AGAIN" chart (I mean seriously, whoever invented that did NOT have toddlers. Note to self ... need to install a shelf at least 5 feet from the ground to hide the remote)

      The "Take that (insert object/bodypart/pet) out of your mouth" chart

      Oh, and I'd want the "Finding things in exactly the spot I said it was in even after hubby has looked there" chart with chocolate or wine as rewards ... oh happy days :D

    2. Ha! Linda. That last one. Word!

  10. The leave a playdate without mummy or daddy dragging you by your hair while you cry at the injustice of having to go to your own home to sleep chart... (like we did tonight!)

  11. My 18 yr old needed the don't leave your whiskers all over the sink chart and my hubby when he bothers to shave.Glad he has moved out.

    Love Meg's Didn't pee on the seat chart or wipe it chart...

    Keep your hands out of your pants chart ...of course I just mean my five year old twins !

    Hilarious !

  12. Pretty sure my kids could use a "HIDE THE BANANA BEFORE MUM SEES THAT YOU DIDN'T EAT IT FOR LUNCH" star chart. Little tarts.

  13. The Wash Plastics Because They're Dishes Too star chart. The reward for filling that one should also be a 5-star resort stay because it'll only ever get filled by me (nothing frustrates me to tears except that! "I've done the dishes" because the dishwasher has been stacked yet the kitchen still has dishes all over it that can't go in....)

    1. Oh gosh, we are totally on the same wavelength - yes! yes! yes! Drives me INSANE. Book the resort, I'm bringing the chocs & plonk :D


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