Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pinning and Penning

This Image is stolen from Becky off Instagram - Check out how she is going at

Six letters in six weeks...harder than you thought? Or easy?

I know some people haven't started, others got a head start with three in the first week and some are just doing the one per week.

However you are writing I hope that you are actually enjoying it. This is not meant to be a difficult challenge.

There were some lovely images coming through on twitter, facebook and instagram so I have also started a Pinterest Board for the lovely images too, as in really just started and I was hoping to try and find the images, but if you have some of your own send them to me and I shall get them up on the board - or Pin them yourself!

If you are writing to a mother figure in your life though, probably best to get that in the mail asap.

Happy Writing.


  1. I've just done the Hallmark 7 cards in 7 days but I'm going to start this now! I love love love handwritten notes and got such a great response to the randomness of the cards that I'm inspired to write some even more random ones.

  2. Thanks for using my pic! I am really enjoying it. I enjoy how it feels to physically write.

  3. Hi Clairey....I didn't do 6 letters in six weeks...but you will be pleased to know (I think!) that I have done 19!! I wrote about this, and you, here on my blog. Off to the Post Box with 2 grandkids.... Denyse x

  4. Forgot the link

    1. Well done Denise. I shall be pinning you later!


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