Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some things change, some stay the same.

This image is 18 months old, you can tell because the girls have changed so much.

But my Mum and I, we still look the same.

The girls have changed in many ways. Popps can read, she asks if I know the band One Direction and can I download a song for her, she argues about swimming lessons because there are so many other things she wants to do, gymnastics, hip hop, tennis, flute and French just to get started. 18 months ago outside influencers were powerless. Mum was the only person who knew the good stuff.

Immy is at a lovely age. She walks to our room when she wakes in the night or early morning and quietly crawls up the middle, rolling from Mum to Dad so she can share snuggles with everyone. She requests particular clothes and refuses many. She believes my handbag is a never ending magic bag of treats. She now says Kiwi, not key weed. But still says blankLet and Chicken Pops. Mums are still the persons who know everything.

My Mum and Me, we look the same and are the same. I know that my Mum doesn't know everything. But she knows how to help when we need her. She knows when to ring when we need to hear from her. She knows when she sees a fancy salad dressing that I am going to love it. She knows when she sees a fancy candle to put it away for the next special occasion. She knows how to love us and make us laugh. It has always been the same.

Mums don't have to know everything to be everything to you.

Happy Mother's Day Mum.

Love all of us.


  1. Lovely post Claire. Have a lovely day tomorrow. Happy Mothers day. x

  2. beautiful photo and reflection, have a lovely mother's day!

  3. Nawww this has me getting all teary! So lovely x

  4. awww quite a bit teary here too.

  5. Oh, so beautifully put. Lovely :)

  6. You're so right "Mums don't have to know everything to be everything to you". My mum doesn't know everything but she's pretty special. Hope you had a lovely day.

  7. That's so beautiful Claire. I love this. And it suits my relationship with my mum perfectly too.

    Love the generational pic. All the girls. Hope you had a wonderful mother's day. You're one pretty awesome mummy.


  8. Love it and that is just the most gorgeous photo. Happy Mothers Day to you Hun xx


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