Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Are you a Flasher?

Sometimes when I am driving along, mainly on more rural roads, someone will flash their lights at me.

Usually I am not speeding. But I slow down anyway.

My expectation is that there is a speed camera coming up.

But sometimes only one out of many cars gives me a flash, so then I wonder if it was a real flasher or just someone checking their lights.

Or is there perhaps a kangaroo instead? 

Sheep on the road?

People riding horses?
Why are the other cars not flashing me?

Then I might see the speed camera, move past it and have to decide if I am a flasher or not.

Sometimes I am. Sometimes I am not. The other day I was flashing away to warn drivers to slow down and I started wondering how far along you stop the flash... 2, 10, 15 kms? 

If it is too far away do they start wondering if I was just checking my lights?
Flashing your lights to warn of on upcoming speed camera is apparently illegal, but flashing lights to warn of danger ahead, slow down is not. So if you are a flasher, it seems that you flash at your own risk.

It seems nothing is simple (in my mind) so tell me, are you a flasher or do you appreciate the odd flash?

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  1. I don't flash but I know someone who was pulled over for flashing. Police gave her a sort of weird reason why she shouldn't flash - said what if there was an abducted child in an oncoming car and the flashing warned the abductor.

  2. I am a random flasher. Sometimes I flash just because I can... and if the traffic seems to be going a bit quick. Just makes people back off a bit, really.

    There was one time we did the MEGA Flash... there were road works at the bottom of a hill on a bend. A car nearly crashed into the back of the queue at the other end, so we flashed a LOT.

  3. I flash for accidents and danger but not for warning about cops. Coz I never know what job the cops might be doing and what level of baddies they might be targetting. Besides ... there are some serial speed demons who need to be caught.

  4. I wrote a post about 'Are you a flasher' once too and got some interesting feedback . It seems people are divided about sneakily placed cameras that are revenue raising and serious targeting of speeding drivers in blackspots.

  5. I have these same thoughts. I would flash for an accident but I tend to not otherwise, but it really is a case-by-case and how my thought process goes. Mostly, by the time I've made up my mind it's too late and I'd have them wondering about it so long they'd probably speed up just at the wrong time!

  6. I think the exact same things when I am flashed while driving.

    The way I see it, if you flash and a car slows down, it's a win. I like to assume that speed cameras are a safety thing not a revenue raising thing... though I am not convinced this is really the case.

    1. I agree with the slow down aspect. Maybe I might just start flashing randomly when I think a car is going too fast.

  7. I had a cop flash me once. I think he wanted me to slow down and couldn't be arsed pulling me over. It was appreciated. I used to be a bit of a leadfoot on the open road. I was a flasher back then. I would flash to warn of danger but not speed cameras or cops I reckon. It's been awhile since I drove I've forgotten

  8. Yep I'm a flasher! Lots up in these parts. I think about 5km out is the limit though.

  9. Im still laughing at the image I had of you flashing when I read the title. Yup I'm a flasher through and through ;) x


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