Friday, October 7, 2011

Gifts for me and gifts for you.

As a grown up, I understand that I must accept all gifts with a certain gratitude.

But when Mr H arrived home I struggled.

I got a new handbag. Which was ok, but I had asked him not to choose a bag for me as his taste and style in bags is limiting.

I smiled the acceptable smile that one gets with a new black imitation leather bag. Wondering just what it is he thinks I will love about vinyl.

Then I smiled when my perfume arrived out of the bag.

And I am still smiling two days later.

I don't have much jewellery at all, but a little piece of Tiffany's from Paris can always make me smile.

Mr H, please feel free to travel again if you return with such gifts, and please refrain from any future bag purchase that does not come from the Oroton shop.

And gifts for you: I had my giveaway on the recordable story books this week. It was my most popular giveaway yet. The correct entries were all placed in a spreadsheet including the facebook comments and removing one double up and one anon one that I have no idea how to contact. I accept Anon comments, but you need to email me to let me know who you are.

So, Lisa Walton please email me your details and Michelle Rivett, I shall email you. You are both the winners.


  1. Awesome gifts!

    Sounds like he has the same gift-giving sense of humour as Steve. On my 21st, he gave me a jumper. I forced a smile, wondering whether to say thanks or throw it at him for being such a tight-arse. It was my 21st for gods sake! Then I opened up the jumper and a little box fell out - diamond earrings. Phew.

  2. I very much appreciate gifts from my mother-in-law, but she definitely has the same taste in bags as your husband! Oh the fake smiles I've given :)

  3. Congrats Lisa and Michelle! They are great books you will love them!

  4. vinly, yes? I'm with you. The perfume sounds lovely though!

  5. Gifts and fake smiles. Love it.
    Vinyl handbags....ummm...past that stage now. N x


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