Thursday, October 27, 2011

My new BFF

Last week I felt a lot younger than I usually do.

I would like to tell you it was because of some new amazing diet I am on and that some yoga and daily exercise was the answer, but my BFF was much better than that.

Thanks to my new BFF (Best Friend the Focus) I felt like a P plater not a Mummy taxi.

She can take me places the 4WD has to drive on by.

Usually I can be found driving our family wheels around town. Complete with stickers given out by doctors and gymnastics teachers stuck all over the windows and sultanas crammed into the seats.

Small cars just don’t really cut it when you have kids. Along with night club queues, you give up the sports model car when you realise you need to have your knees around your ears to drive to get the baby seat in.

The Focus and I, we were a match. Together we cruised around town and she was so kind that she parked herself into the car park at the push of a button. I took my hands off the wheel and watched her drive herself. Amazing.

She is small and zippy and red, and if you press another button she will even warm your butt for you. Really! Cos apparently these days people can’t even do that themselves, I am not complaining. My new BFF never complained, never even asked for a drink the whole week, but I must say, she is not a good listener. She listens when you talk, but doesn’t really hear what you say, (very much like Mr H) either that, or she really hates Jon Faine and ABC Radio. Whenever I requested 774 on the voice detection thingo,  I got either 1124 or 740, rarely did she take me to the station I wanted.

Mr H decided it was an ok relationship for me to continue with, but complained the booty on this lady was no good. So I tested it out myself and have to admit he was right. With only the stroller and three (packed) bags of shopping you don’t fit much else in. So if you are still at a stage of taking the ‘OMG so effing heavy Phil and teds double pram’ with you, then good luck getting much else in. 

I let Mr H have a little drive so I could try and check out some buttons. So Many Buttons!

I loved driving this car around and could pretty much convince myself I don’t need a big car anymore. I really don’t want to fit the dog in, or other people’s kids, or the big pram. If only we could have been friends for longer though, there are a lot of things in this car that I never really found as I just didn’t have the time to drive that much last week. This is certainly a car with lots of little extras that take more than a week to test out. 

What kind of relationship do you have with your car?



  1. I love my car, well as much as is possible when you have to have a 7 seater. With 4 children we have no choice, so I went for the smallest, sportiest SUV I could find - The Subaru Tribecca. It is so good to drive and park and we all fit in. It has a sunroof which is one of my luxury must have items!
    Must admit though, I can't wait until I can have a 'normal' car again!

  2. @Jodi, Mr H would love a Suby! He keeps checking them out on Carsales and I keep sending him links to holidays at the beach!

  3. I have a small car and have never had a problem with fitting stuff in - then again, I don't have a double pram, oh and only one carseat so I can always put things on the backseat too. You make me worried about the car situation if we have another bub! Eeeek!

  4. We have a fairly large Holden (it fits 3 baby car seats/boosters in the back!) and I'm comfortable driving it. Heaps of leg room and a very large boot! Don't think I could ever drive a 4 wheel drive...and as for a small car...with our load of children and belongings, forget it!

  5. We just bought a new car so we are still all getting to know each other.

    I suck up that new car smell every morning as I just know it ain't going to last too long with 3 kids in it.

  6. I love my car. LOVE. It is brand new, and shiny, and all mine. It is small, and zippy, and when someone rings my mobile I can speak to them without taking my hands off the wheel once - and the children do not have my permission to eat in her.

    So, take heart Claire, the kids, they grow up, and then you don't need a pram, and you whisper, moan, nag, manipulate, whatever, hubby and convince him he needs the big, old, dirty 4WD as his main car, with the hand prints, and dog licks on the windows, and that weird smell that may once have been a ham sandwich, and you need a small zippy car for commutes, and really, it's saving us money, because it's so cheap to run...

  7. I so prefer a small car too as long as a folded wheelchair fits. And I love driving by myself with the music and all. Which rarely happens.


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