Friday, October 14, 2011

Lounge room dancing. It's a dangerous sport.

No, this isn't me, just in case you were wondering if I made it to "So you think you can dance".

Some nights, post creche,  work and a fast meal, we all let loose in the Huey house and crank up some old tunes on the iPod and have a family lounge room disco.

Last night  we introduced The Little Hueys to some songs from Grease and then finished with a twirl and a kick to Footloose.

Anyone who has been reading for awhile knows I have a dodgy back, one that has taken nearly two years to be get back to some level of normalcy.

And with one rendition of "born to hand jive, ba-by" I am again scoffing down the voltaren and nurofen.

Tomorrow I will be seeking out a physio, ortho or massage, whatever I can get first, I will even take the massage chair at the pedicure place if I have to.

And I will be declining all the dance party invites I get from now on.*

*as if I actually get invites to real dance parties.

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  1. OMG... you and your dance moves

  2. Oh no! We love a good dance around here too - our biggest danger is A making us spin so much we all fall over with dizziness.

    Hope the back isn't feeling too bad today.

  3. lol I'm sure it was all worth it - sounds like you all had a like no one is watching, right?

  4. I can so relate to this! I did my back in at work 2.5 years ago, still recovering, but sometimes you've got to cut loose.

    I was shuffling and teaching the girls to twist a few weeks ago. I paid for it, but man, what a riot.

  5. oh noooooooooooo! It is always the innocent things that wreck backs... Though I suspect mine was wrecked by my not so innocent 4.6kg baby! LOL Hope you are better soon

  6. Shhaaaaame... that a good dance around could cause a back disaster. Hope it gets better and that you can groove again soon.

  7. I hope your back improves after some treatment.
    How annoying to have such nasty side-effects from a bit of lounge room boogie.
    I bet you had some killer moves though ;)


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