Thursday, October 13, 2011

You may not even know that you have won a giveaway

Do you enter lots of giveaways on blogs? Me, yes certainly.

If so, you may be one of the many that miss out on your actual prize, many a post I have read of a giveaway being redrawn, simply because the winner can not be tracked down.

Just like this one.

Sorry Lisa Walton, I blogged, I tweeted, I had people retweet and I facebooked looking for you, with no links to your comments I can't find you.

In the interests of others who unknowingly miss out on competitions they win, here is some advice.

1)  If you want to leave a comment as Anonymous, then email the blogger and tell me that was your entry.
2) Link an email to your blogger profile.
3) If you have not done either of these things, then leave an email address, a phone number, a twitter handle, anything really in your comment.
4) If facebook is your thing, than enter via facebook if the giveaway allows it (many do).

For those that don't know what I mean, see this bit of your blogger profile, and mine includes the email option, that allows people to email me if they need to tell me about a prize I have won - which is pretty handy.

However, moving along, I have redrawn the prize for the Hallmark Recordable Story Book, actually I had to redraw twice as the other winner won again, but finally it is Cat that is the winner of the second book...who has a blog with a contact email on it, and may also be too busy to reply due to breaking her leg just as she is about to give birth to her baby, can you imagine???



  1. Good on you Claire! Never too many reminders, eh?

    Congratulations Cat, and I'm so sorry you broke your leg - ouch!


  2. We have this problem with our giveaways at the Geege's business FB page. Perhaps I should link this post!! And, broken leg and birthing? That will be fun Cat! x


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