Monday, October 17, 2011

I have to go shopping now.

I really did think I shrunk a few of the girls tops. I bought them both a couple of summer t-shirts last month and this week at the gym creche I thought one was looking particularly short.

I called my Mum to tell her the brand wasn't that good and had shrunk with one wash.

Then last night Popps wanted to check (again!!) if she had grown.

Ideally, she would like to do this on a daily, if not hourly basis.

I explained that she would never ever grow if she kept measuring herself, and while she looked at me a little bit worried, she got Mr H to measure her anyway.

She has grown over an inch in just 12 weeks.

Immy jumped in next and has grown nearly two inches.

Are you ever amazed at just how quickly kids really do grow before your eyes?

With Christmas and birthdays coming along soon I would prefer to give them some clothes as gifts. So if you happen to see some girls out and about with ankle freezer pants and cropped tops on, don't worry, it won't be for long.


  1. I really regret not starting a height chart for my boys - I think they would love it, but it would probably give me an anxiety attack!

    The rate at which they grow out of their pants, though, proves they probably do grow like weeds.

    And with girls, can't you just call the pants capris and get away with it? ;)

  2. Hi Tam, luckily for girls, the dresses are still pretty ok to be worn, the pants, not so much!

  3. mine are the same! 3/4 pants are perfect for spring though right? x

  4. My daughter grows at an alarming rate. I have started buying her size 12 clothes, and she wears my T-shirts and jackets.

    My son less so, steroids see to that. But he can breathe, so that's always good!


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