Sunday, October 9, 2011

Me oh My!

While I may mispronounce and say wrong words quite often there are a few basics that I have worked hard to ensure the Little Hueys say correctly.

My instead of Me, is one of them.

As in, "I am going to my room" not "I am going to me room".

But my Popps, she loves reading, writing, talking and playing with words and recently made herself a sign for her bedroom, as nearly every kid does at some stage.

The sign simply said "Welcome to my room". Written in kindergarten handwriting.

A few days later I noticed the sign had altered and asked why.

Her response was, " I know you don't like that way, but I do, I like the sound of it, I think I am going to say 'me' from now on" 

Here is the new sign.

My has been scribbled out and 'me room' has been written in!

Do I keep correcting.? Or do I pick my battles and let this one go?



  1. Keep correcting. Well done. She will thank you one day when she does not sound like a fishwife.

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  3. I don't think this is about correct grammar or speech. More about playing with power and seeing what it feels like to go against the status quo and do your own thing, with perhaps a tiny button pushing attempt especially for you lol. I'd probably say "i think it's important to write and say it correctly so people understand you, but it's your sign so you can write it however you like' and leave it at that.

  4. I think she's one sassy, independent young lady ... She knows what is actually correct but is testing the alternative anyway!

  5. I think Kate Pickle is spot on, and very clever too!

  6. Thanks KatePickle, I think you are right! I have left the sign there, you can imagine how I just want to rip it down!

  7. I think I'm with Kate too - it's not about the grammar.

  8. I like @katepickle's response (she is a wise woman). I love the full stops after all the words too. If you DO choose to go there, maybe you could tackle that too? lol x

  9. leave it she only 5 and play time is great for kids , go with katie response .
    and move on!

  10. It's unanimous...Kate is one wise lady. She is more than likely testing you but you've got to love her assertiveness! That is what will take her far! (& just happens to be my post this week!)

  11. I think these sorts of things have a way of working out as they get older and decide for themselves. With you modelling 'correct' pronunciation, incorrect won't stick for long. x

  12. I started saying "me" instead of "my" on occasion after living in Britain for years. It's very commonplace.

  13. This is your gorgeous girl's first year of school am guessing?
    She is "over" being a kinder kid.. She is definitely a reading writing ready young lady.
    But, as Kate Pickle said, like many a Miss &Master they are " testing the waters"
    You have many of these times ahead, me girl!!

    Sorry "my girl" couldn't help it.


  14. This is gorgeous - and yep, she's testing you!

  15. Oh leave this - its such a great way for her to control her own space!!
    I've always been strong on demonstrating and correcting and the girls speak beautifully.
    But my little man sounds so cute when he says "me really think this mummy" that I can't bear to correct him yet. I just keep modelling :-)


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