Sunday, October 23, 2011

Talented People

The other day I was reading some stuff for work and was struck by how some people just seem to know so much, the person was a doctor, speaks three languages and specialised in all sorts of areas of medicine. Clearly someone who puts in the time to learn things and do things.

Yesterday we headed into the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and again I was astounded by the talent held by one person.

To play an instrument as a professional would take years of practice, each player was tremendous, but the conductor was something.

Dressed as a clown I expected he was just dressing colourfully for the mainly under 8s in attendance.

Then he did a few little tricks and on went the show.

Throughout the performance he played a number of instruments himself. Acted as a clown, threw in a few balloon tricks and entertained.

At the end of the performance we were able to grab a photo with Melvin Tix and I asked him, 

How many instruments do you play?

He answered with

"I am not sure" 

"Most of the percussion, lots of string, some wind instruments, oh and piano of course, I think I can play a tune on a few more."

Melvin Tix is traveling from Norway so I guess he speaks a few languages too.

But to obtain such skills and and still be able to entertain a theatre of kids. 

True Talent

Imagine the hours and hours of practice. I am easily impressed by people who have the dedication and persistence to keep on learning and to share their skills with the world. Be it as doctors, musicians, artists, or engineers. 

Some days I feel I have been a success if I've completed the washing, the floors are clean and the kids are fed. Really, I would much rather be enjoying the skills of talented people. I had never been to see any symphony orchestra before and can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. I also thought the prices were pretty good, much cheaper than some of the other big name performers strutting their stuff on the kiddie concert circuit.

Who have you met or read about lately that just blew you away with their talents? Or, are you yourself one of those amazing people with multiple tricks up your sleeve?

My friend Segovia also attended this performance with Mr 4, who has autism, she has written about how other families with autistic children may find the show. Head over and have a read. 

I was invited to attend this event by the MSO, and they covered the cost of our family ticket. I was not required to write about the event, but if Melvin Tix is in town, I recommend you take the kids along. 



  1. I have a number of multi-talented and mega-talented friends and am constantly in awe of them! I myself, am sadly lacking in these kind of talents :( xxx

  2. I'll always remember that 3 year old Japanese girl I met in Tokyo. Superbly developed language skills, in both English and Japanese. Not only was she bilingual, but her speech development was remarkable :)

  3. I'm a bit like you. I impress myself if I can shower, take care of the baby & maybe fit a walk in each day!
    I am getting better at juggling my days but I still admire those people who can do more.
    Languages, gardening, baking, entertaining these are all things I admire people for.

  4. Oh I love people like that!

    Sounds like it was a great day out :)

  5. How awesome. I love the MSO's kids classic concert series (each one we've been to, anyway). Sorry we missed this one, sounds like it was just as fantastic as ever.

    Multi-talented people are everywhere! I am not one of them!

  6. Great wrap-up. MSo Kids Classic concerts are brilliant, so different but stimulating and engaging just the same.


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