Saturday, September 1, 2012

Winning Weekend: Party Book

It's true, I love a kids party.

Really love them. 

Actually I should say that I just really love a party, full stop, but at the moment the majority of parties I attend the person celebrating is a long way from tasting their first champagne. 

So if I am to celebrate with the little folk then I like it to be a good one. 

A good party needs four things

Happy People

Everything else is a bonus.

Our brand new book Party is already grubby just from me and Popps flicking the pages over and over. She isn't sure which party to have first. It is a major dilemma in her life each year, choosing the theme for her party. The witches ball was picked months in advance last year and so far this year it seems Pool Party will be the winner, but we do still have 4 and a half months to go. 

Immy is pretty clear. Princesses. Princess cake, princess dress. Princess food. No boys. So yet again I will be hosting a princess party this year.

But I have lots of new ideas from the new book.

Party will not be on the streets until October, but you can be one of the first people to grab a copy by leaving me a comment and telling me about one of your birthday's as a child. Did you have the Women's Weekly cook book at your place?

Entries will only be taken today and tomorrow. Comments close at 8pm Sunday 2 September. Only Australian Entries allowed. 

I hope your weekend has a party in it.

This giveaway is now closed.

The winners are:

Michelle Louwrens and Josephine Kelly. Emails shall be hitting your inbox soon.


  1. My birthday is January 5th so I never got to have a birthday party, being just after Christmas as well my parents never went overboard. Probably due to lack of funds and friends being on holidays.
    One birthday that stands out is the one I asked for homemade lasagne for dinner and got an absolutely awful store bought one.
    Lucky the cake was yum :)

  2. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comSeptember 1, 2012 at 1:08 PM

    I had a fantastic Dad who made all sorts of cakes for me, the hickory dickory dock and rabbit cakes that were from THE womens weekly cookbook, I still remember those cakes and have made the rabbit one for my daughter

  3. Oh my gosh, I love putting together theme-parties! I just had a baby so I can throw more parties (jokes... maybe) and *squeel* its a girl so Princess/Cupcake/Pony parties here I come.
    My favourite birthday party memory is actually of my little sister's birthday when Mum and Dad hired a huge jumping castle, fairy floss machine and made other carnival games like magnetic-fishing out of the blow up pool. Didn't matter it wasn't my birthday, I still got to invite all my friends and we had a ripper time.
    (And yes, we had the cookbook growing up and yes, I've just bought it for my little girl :)

  4. We definitely had the Woman's Weekly Birthday Cake book too. I remember looking through the book months before my birthday to goose which cake. We had 4 girls in our family so Mum made most of the cakes in the cookbook. I will never forget the duck cake, but I still think my favourite was the piano.

  5. My birthday is just before christmas but my family always tried to make it special with a fantastic cake made by my aunt. We had the WW Birthday Cake book too! Actually my favourite one was the Whale she made for my 21st. I also loved the house cake she made for my 7th birthday. That one was awesome and very delicious!

  6. I was lucky enough to have a party every year, nothing themed, but lots of streamers, balloons, party games and fairy bread, jelly, and cupcakes with faces made out of smarties and jelly beans. I remember decorating the cupcakes with my mum, so even though it does my head in, I let Miss 6 and Miss 4 get hands on with preparation for their birthday parties. Our party food table doesn't look particularly stylish, but I'm hoping our girls will remember that part of their birthday every year. Picking the cake out the book is great, but they don't get to help with anything other than licking the beaters in that department. Mummy gets to draw the line somewhere...

    My best birthday memory, when I turned 12, got a bright yellow Walkman and Madonna's True Blue cassette - the sun was shining and I walked up and down our street singing La Isla Bonita......happy days!

  7. My sister had the most awesome cakes made from the women's weekly BCB. Me on the other hand, with a birthday in jan, living in the hot, hot western suburbs of Sydney, got a frozen Sara lee chocolate cake every year. Secretly, I love those sickly sweet frozen cakes, but don't tell my mum, have been maintaining bitterness over several years, wouldn't want to spoil the guilt trip! But, my awesome mum ALWAYS home made all the party food. She still makes the most ace patty cakes and sausage rolls. :)sarah

  8. We would spend hours/months looking over the Women's Weekly cookbook. My brother and I celebrated our birthday only a few days it was always a unisex animal cake. But I do remember my 10th birthday when I was allowed to choose my own special cake (to celebrate turning double digits) Finally, I got to have the pink Candy Store covered in musks stick!

  9. Love the WW BCB.. I didnlt have it as a kid as grew up in the UK but do remember having a red white and blue party that rocked my world.. and at age 10 I made my little brother who was a 5 a Nintendo Gameboy Cake.. cakes was simple as rectangle but I went to town with the detailing..wish I had pictures as the ones in my head are probably 10 times better than the real deal :)

  10. My sister and I always celebrated together as we have birthdays two weeks apart. I distinctly remember on year we both received stripes pink swimmers and a plastic barbie cubby house. It was the next birthday ever! We had a WW cake book but I don't remember it ever being used lol

  11. We never had the WW Birthday cake cookbook, but my mum was quite inventive with her cakes...
    I just had my daughter's fifth birthday party this afternoon 10 boys and girls running around high on red cordial and pink cupcakes. The star attraction was my 16 week old niece, whom the girls all wanted to cuddle :-)
    I remember my 8th birthday, because it was the first party to which I invited boys. There was about 10 kids and I remember dad driving them all home in his Holden Kingswood station wagon at the same time crazy days!

  12. I have very fond memories of my birthdays as a kid, and they all involved a cake from the WW birthday book! I had the castle, typewriter, blackboard and the clock. It was always so exciting to find out what the cake would be and it must have taken mum half the night to make. I still have the original cookbook as well as the updated ones and am continuing the tradition for my 2 boys :)

  13. I love the AWW original birthday cake book so much that I stole my mothers, it's dog eared and pulled from the staples but boy are there memories. We used to take a whole year picking which cake we'd like and my brother and I used to fight about having the pool!!! I love looking back at the photos of my first birthday cake, the coconut elephant. I nearly wet my pants when my mum made me the flower basket even with the alfoil handle and cut up marshmallows. Wonderful memories of a simple time. After swinging to party planning on the end of extreme I'm now making parties much simpler and I have found I have enjoyed them a whole lot more.

  14. My favourite party I attended was my friend's 13 th Birthday party. It was a Boy George (and the 80's) We all dressed as Boy George and danced around to Culture Club. I loved every minute of it, so to this day I love to organize a Party. Maybe not one that involves dancing around to Boy George, but one that involves dancing to Hi-5!
    We did have the WW Birthday Cake book. (I recently purchased a copy from an Op Shop) My Mum made many cakes from the book. I now have the new updated one too, but have come to realize I am No Margaret Fulton, So I pay someone else to make the cakes.

  15. Birthdays are always a big deal in our family. You are basically King or Queen for the day. You don't have to do chores, you choose what you want for your birthday tea, the kind of cake you want (always a chocolate/chocolate sponge)& the home-made treat you want - chocolate crackles were my favourite.

    One year my birthday fell on Easter Sunday. So my parents made the decision to have my birthday a week early. It was very exciting to change the rules for that one year.

    I don't recall my Mother having a WW Birthday Cake Book. She tended to use recipes from her Mother.


  16. love kids partys love the fun of the kids choosing all the fun stuff that goes withthe party


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