Thursday, August 30, 2012

Putting your hand up can mean cleaning up.

Sometimes I am a hand-puter-up-erer.

In my head it goes like this "Cool, that should be fun, the kids will love that"

The reality is often a little different.
Last weekend I said, sure, we would love to have baby chickens for the weekend. What is not to love about baby chickens?

Let me tell you what is not to love about baby chickens.


Lots of baby chicken poo.

They poo all day and night, when sitting in your hands or when Immy drops them and they run behind the chair.

Even on your shoulder.

Poo gets stinky quick.

The baby chickens have returned to creche to be squished and cuddled by tiny hands and to poo themselves crazy away from my carpet.

Are you a hand-puter-up-erer or a poo clean-er-up-erer?


  1. Definitely a poo cleaner upper but usually just the toddler variety.

  2. I'm a hand-puter-up-erer, and an always-regret-it-laterer to boot!

  3. Oh... but they are so cute! I wouldn't mind cleaning up the poop, actually, yes I would. lol

  4. Haha! Mr H doesn't look impressed with that poopy chick on his shoulder!

  5. Oh my goodness thank you for offering to do this - day care almost had me cornered to do it, instead I offered to help build the coop for outside :) they do look quite cute though... sara

  6. I am so not into the poo cleaning up. One reason why I will not get a dog - can't deal with that clean up. However, I will put my hand up - but nominate someone else.

    1. Yep, we have a dog too, it came with a list of requirements the first being that I do not pick up dog poo. Then the dog decided to always poo under swing set, of course I now have to get that away too.

      Poo is everywhere!!!

  7. Eww! Human child poo is one thing, animal poo is a completely different story and the reason why we have an outdoor cat who takes care of business herself :-)

  8. Excellent instructional post here, Clairey. Note to self: don't bring home the kinder chickens.

    Thank you.

    Oh, and I guess I put my hand up occasionally. My beloved decided to put his hand up by bringing home a bag of kinder washing - when I was 38 weeks pregnant. I tells him, I say, "You put that hand up again, I'm gonna break it, see?"

    1. And kinder let him take them????? I guess you were just at home lazing about with your feet up drinking tea and had nothing else to do!!!

  9. Aren't rabbits much the same with poo droppings around the place?
    Thats one of the reasons we don't have chickens and we won't have rabbits either. Even though both are at the top of my daughters list of "Must Have Animals"!


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