Friday, September 7, 2012

A Paper Chatterbox

Do you remember making and playing with chatterboxes at school? I can remember making hundreds of them.

When one of the bigger kids at school gave one to Popps recently she was beside herself with the excitement of it all. It was fun. It was cool.

She asked me to help her make one too so I pulled the gifted one undone and tried to figure it out. I couldn't work out which folds went first and how to get the angles to move and she soon gave up on me,but not the idea and this week the art teacher at school showed her how to do it.

Last night we spent some time making chatterboxes. They are fun, Immy loved making them too and writing the numbers on them, at 3 she is good with her numbers but isn't able to read and write so I helped her with that. Popps likes trying to write a new thing on each panel and really likes involving everyone with the game - pick a number, pick a number!

Now I am reminded of how easy they are to make I thought I would share the simplicity.

(apologies for my overuse of Picmonkey, I can't help it)

Be imaginative, add jokes, stories, wishes or maths questions if you are so inclined.


  1. That is so funny. I just sat down and taught the girls how to make these. Like two nights ago. Talk about being in the air or something :)

    1. I think they are really fun, and any age can make them suit what they think is funny.

  2. I loved these so much as a kid. The decorating was the best part. Will be making them with CrashGirl this afternoon :)

  3. I loved making these, but now... Not so much. Well it isn't the making them, it is more the finding them everywhere. Both kids love making them, and paper planes, origami yoda and all kinds of paper things that result in me finding stashes of them everywhere!

  4. I loved these as a kid. I don't get excited about kid stuff these days, but I do smile when they bring these things home as if they were the biggest treasure ever. Which, to them, is :-)

  5. We used to do them heaps at primary school but must have got a bit risque with what was contained inside. I remember sitting in the principal's office over one.

  6. Hi Claire ,

    Loved these as a child - weren't they so much fun.
    My children are loging the novelty now themselves.
    Now I think you are very clever "craft Martha"

    Have a lovely day
    X Loulou

  7. These were all the rage back at Grays Point Primary school in the early 80s. I'm glad that some things cant be converted into I-phone apps. Thanks

  8. I use to love making these! Haha might have to give it another go! I'm sure the options inside have changed a bit since I made them in primary school!


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