Monday, September 10, 2012

This is how a good day rolls.

Not all days just work from start to finish. Some days are filled with children wetting beds, cars that don't start, phone calls with bad news.

Yesterday was not one of those days.

Yesterday was just a good day from the tips of it's fairy nose to the nail polish on its toes.

We headed off altogether to check out the latest Tinkerbell movie. Mr H and I expected to just endure it as one of those things good parents do, but we both actually really enjoyed it! Maybe we had low expectations, maybe seeing the girls enjoy it so much was what we liked, it doesn't really matter why though, the four of us all had a great morning.

We then headed off to play in the park in the city beside the Melbourne Museum, we met some other family and the kids ran and ran and ran in the sunshine before we strolled down to Lygon street and ate gelato icecream (lime is the best!)

Mr H had arranged a time in the early evening for a tiler to come and quote on updating our bathroom from filthy brown to something a bit more modern and as the stars and moons had somehow aligned for the day the meeting ended with Mr H booking him in. In the past a quote from a tradesman has ended with comments along the lines of

"Stuff that, I will do it myself." Not this time.

Modern new bathroom, you are but a month away from greeting me.

Once the kids were in bed I then got to watch my new favourite show, Call the Midwife, with my new favourite treat, dark chocolate with passionfruit.

And that is how a good day rolls.

Note: We were guests at Tinkerbell,  I was under no obligation to write about it, nor was I paid to mention it. We loved it, it added to our day so I am sharing. There was no chocolate provided to encourage this post. I am not paid to promote ABC TV shows. Lygon St ice cream do not sponsor me, nor is there actually a shop by this name, I don't know what the name is.  Actually, it seems no one is sponsoring me, but in the interests of being upfront, I am adding this disclaimer in.


  1. I saw all the Tinkerbell tweets , glad you had a good day all round.

  2. That there is a perfect day indeed! Yay!!

  3. Sounds like a great day. It is a bit sad though, that you had to put that disclaimer in. I didn't even consider that the post was sponsored, ironically, until the disclaimer. I guess I'm sad that it has gotten to this. That we can't even write about a great day, which included some "commercial" treats without others wondering if people had paid us to say good things.

    1. I know Kimberley. It is a murky world in which we blog, I was probably a little bit OTT with that disclaimer, maybe I should remove it. I don't know. I don't know the line to draw. It is hard to share the things I like/did sometimes without others feeling there is a bias of some kind.

    2. For what it's worth I thought the disclaimer was funny!

    3. I think as human beings we are biased, though. Everyone has preferences for different things. It would be really sad if you started censoring yourself because other people might think you were being biased. I don't think you should take the disclaimer down (like Louisa I thought it was pretty funny) - I guess it was just more of a comment about the way things have become in the blogging world (because I've done it too). I haven't accepted any compensation for writing posts/reviews, but of course it's still a concern of mine that people will think I have. Sigh.

  4. Sounds like the perfect day! I loved the midwife show, but watching her deliver the breech baby was a bit stressful!

  5. LOL! Your disclaimer is hilarious! But I get what you mean. ;)

  6. You had me at Gelato. It did seem like a great day!


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