Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ideas for September School Holidays.

Victorian September School Holidays are pretty much here.

Don't stress, there is lots to do and here is a picture list for you, some of the images will take you to links about the places.

Go for a bush walk and look down carefully, there are lots of wild flowers in the Australian bush.

Royal Melbourne Show starts on 22 September.
Country Shows will start soon after.

Find a national park, a camp site, a beach setting and have a snag in bread.

If Footy is something your kids like, get involved in finals footy.

What else are you getting up to for the school holidays?


  1. I always liked you and your family Mrs H, but now I'm a dead set fan because of your daughters footy jumper. Go Cats!!!

  2. Great list! I think we have a visit to the Nationsl Gallery and a small children's farm planned so far. As well as play dates and catch up's that are getting hard to do during the busy term. Definitely going to have to check out the fairy place you mentioned - looks fun! Hope you and your gorgeous girls have a fab holiday xoxoxo

  3. Will be definitely heading to kids town. It is so great there. Just hope the weather is good for the holidays and the kids can get out of the house! We'll also head to the indoor pool for a few swims, the movies and some walks and bike rides. Also have a couple of 'Mr. Maker' craft ideas too. All sounds good, lets see how much we actually do. Enjoy yours x


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