Friday, September 14, 2012

In need of grown up lunch boxes.

It seems my Dad has gone and got himself some rare crazy disease, one of those ones that makes the doctors sit up and get interested. So the parentals have left their rural retreat and while Dad gets poked and prodded all day each day in the hospital, Mum is staying with us and visiting the hospital each day.

Hospital cafeteria food is not fabulous, it's also expensive and sometimes not convenient if you are waiting around for stuff to happen and doctors to call and visitors to arrive so I thought it best to make Mum a packed lunch each day when I make the school lunch.

Of course all the lunch boxes I have are rather pink, covered in butterflies or love hearts.

I had to send Mum into the hospital yesterday carrying this, it's rather large, too big to fit in her handbag, but comes with it's own handle so Mum could carry it nicely. It wasn't really a match for the rest of her outfit, but she didn't complain.

I may have overfilled it as lots of it came back. Apparently Mum doesn't require eight pieces of fruit, two rounds of sandwiches, two types of biscuits and a jar of muesli just for lunch...but you never know.

Today I also figured out the new train ticketing system and put Mum on the train. We all waited by our mobiles in case she lost her way on public transport and navigating the city, but all was fine. The Eagle landed with her packed lunch.

The girls seem to think having a Granny staying is rather fabulous, and really when she keeps dishing out things they have never tried, what is not to love?

So tell me, there must be fancy trendy lunch boxes for grown ups that don't come from tupperware, what's your lunch box of choice, cos I might need to update my collection!


  1. The toffe apples are easy to make.. safeway has coloured lunch boxes.. sure the girls will love granny there with lots of treats!! that mother clairee bear would never buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We use a series of the sistema ones from the supermarket / Kmart / big w etc as they come in a pack & you can mix & match sizes according to what fits in there. I recently bought a decent one from spotlight too but the brand escapes me - it's microwaveable & they had a variety of styles & shapes. I knew your Dad was having tests but didn't want to pry too much by asking. I hope he's ok. I've been thinking of you. I bet the girls are having fun! Xxx

  3. Nice lunchboxes here: (on the expensive side though)

    1. Thank you for this, I have ordered the "Lunch" Bag. It is exactly what I was hoping for. Something easy to carry and stylish enough to carry on it's own.

      I am stepping away from the site now before I spend anymore.

  4. Hey maybe your mum might like to go nude (don't worry, not as bad as it sounds!!):


  5. We have nude food lunch boxes too - great variety. Hope your dad is ok.

  6. Your Mum and I match. I am oft seen with a Barbie lunchbox or one with a bulldozer cartoon on it. My colleagues think it is hilarious! I hope your Da is ok? Terrible business. Take the best of care of you and yours x

  7. Oh bless your mummy & all the best to your daddy too. The packed lunch, i bet she loves carrying it, screams "Grandmother who is loved". Love Posie

  8. Sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope the dr's don't stay interested for very long and he's able to return to the comforts of home xx

  9. Hope your dads doing ok. And I bet your mum loves carrying her grand daughters lunch box. Too cute.
    Toffee Apples! I have had one of them since...forever!

  10. Awww, you are so sweet and caring. I'm sure it makes a difficult time easier having one less thing to worry about. Best wishes to your Dad and your family. I hope he is ok.


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