Thursday, September 20, 2012

A firey plumber

Step 1 in removing 1981 from the house.
I was going to tell you all about the visit from the Pete the Plumber*, how he decided that because the pipes in our house go down and through the floor and our house is built low to the ground it was a really shit job for him to get under there and change the pipes around. Pete suggested he take a quick look at what we could do to minimise the cost of the renovations, knowing that we are of the home brand label budget variety of renovators and not wanting to have to play with moving walls.

Once the water was turned off it was just a swift bang of a hammer and the entire vanity was out, a few saws and cuts here and there and the pipes were gone too. The old copper pipes in the wall were stuffed and needed a bit of cosmetic surgery to get them prepared for the new look - not plastic surgery though, wrong type of pipe.  Pete got out his fire gun thingo tool that welds those pipe widgets into place.

I was being all housewifey and grating carrots in the kitchen and could hear Pete jumping around and swearing and huffing and puffing. I yelled out "You ok back there?" Didn't hear him of course as the fire alarm then went off.

Mr H ran down to help out.

Remember the water is turned off?

The fire thingo on copper pipe gizmo set off a little spark which hit the insulation bats in the wall and away went the flame. Pete put it out with his hands and jumper. PHEW. Imagine how fast the whole house would have gone up in flames with the insulation within the walls on fire. Pete had to cool his hands off in the back of the busted toilet where there was some fresh water sitting awaiting the next flush. Noice.

Anyway, I haven't got time to tell you all about that as this morning was another morning of busy bathroom stuff. The cabinet maker kept asking what kind of finish I wanted on the cupboards, the bench tops, handles, handle shape... which means I have work to do.

*Pete the Plumber is not his real name and he is a plumber so I can't show you his face.


  1. Lucy Pete had a jumper. I'm assuming it wasn't a polar fleece type one.

    Goodbye 1981. You were a good year... just not for bathroom decor.

  2. A good year for roller skates though, especially if you got the white boot skates (but I didn't).


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