Monday, September 3, 2012

A sunny project.

There are times when you need to do stuff and just not think too much.

The perfect project found me under an old Mulberry tree two weeks ago.

I bundled the treasure into the back of the car. When we got it out and into the backyard a huntsman spider crawled out to say hello. I put him on a stick and placed him in the lemon tree before I got to work.

Ideally I would have used a power tool of some kind to sand this to perfection but I didn't know where we kept such things. The local hardware man pointed me in the direction of the sand paper and then another old man came over and told me what I should use. His English was broken, but we muddled through what I was planning to do, he figured in the end that I was sanding a steal gate. Close enough.

The girls liked to help with the sanding and my hands ended up pretty rough. After two days it was looking about as good as I thought I would get it.

Next task was to make it a bright and happy seat. I need something to be placed near the swing set, often in the warmer weather I have to sit there to watch 'concerts', there is a lot of "look at me, look at me" that goes on at our swing set and it was time I planted a seat there.

Yellow also fits in perfectly with the lemon tree.

Have you got a project you are working on?


  1. I love it! Repurposing is good for the soul - I need a project like this and I'm going to scour the local op shop.

  2. I'm loving this! I just saw your IG pic and decided to come here and find out more info as I wasn't exactly sure what the pic was of. Now it all makes sense!
    I'm also loving it because yes, I am about to embark on a similar project. I'm going to re-vamp mine and my husband's bedside tables. I've never done anything like this before so it'll be.... interesting. Good on you Clairey!

  3. Claire, this is gorgeous, and not just because it's my favourite colour! Love, love, love re-purposed goods.

  4. love it! I was at a 'junk' shop today and there were sooo many things I could have picked up! But had to rush out for the kinder pick up. Next time!

  5. I've picked up knitting needles for the first time in oh... 30 years! Making a journal cover for my scrapbook, just because... I hope your seat is the hot seat for many, many concerts and "Look at Me's" to come!

  6. Love the bright yellow. A piece of sunny fabulousness in your backyard x

  7. That is so awesome. And I so, so understand the 'look at me' moments!

  8. Love this Claire, perfect. And I so get the whole need a seat thing.


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