Monday, September 24, 2012

The Modern Classroom: Ipads and schools

The modern classroom

A few months ago I wrote about schools using iPads in the classroom and what I did to secure an iPad for Popps to use in her prep classroom.

I asked the teacher to let me know how it was going and to provide some feedback on how it was that the ipads were used in the school environment.

The teacher sent me an email with some comments;

... the ipad has been a very useful and exciting addition to the classroom, it has provided a new reflective, planning and organisation tool for me as the class teacher and also introduced some exciting and engaging activities for students.

Students ‘at risk’ and ‘above the expected level’, have had an interactive platform to participate in Literacy and Numeracy programs that meet their specific learning needs.

I recently downloaded a particularly useful assessment and portfolio record keeping app. This app assists with tracking and future development of programs for all students and particularly those with ‘specific needs’.

Our school has now purchased 16 iPads for exclusive use in the prep classes. My classroom has 18 children and 5 iPads available most sessions, a very good ratio.

IPads have become a part of the weekly agenda in our levelled team meetings. We share, discuss and evaluate apps.

The ICT team is also currently investigating the viability of a 1:1 iPad program in the senior area of the school. A tool that can link iPads with classroom interactive whiteboards is also being investigated which will extend the impact of this form of technology.

EA Mobile filled the ipad with a number of games which the school now has in their account. 

I know for sure that SPY Mouse is a big hit as Popps is keen to practice when she gets home (and it is also free so go grab it). 

The teachers indicated the following EA Mobile games were used for specific skills and to learn how to work your way around the features of an iPad.

Strategy/hand eye coordination
-Flight Control

-Flight Control Rocket
-Coconut Dodge

-SPY Mouse
-Max and Magic Maker

Hand eye coordination
-Draw Jump

General Knowledge
-Trivial Pursuit Master Edn.

-Yahtzee Adventures

-EA sports FIFA 10
-Madden 12 by EA sports
-NBA Jam  by EA Sports
-Tiger Woods PGA tour 12

The more we start learning how to really use the features of an iPad, the more I see how wonderful a tool they are for children and adults of all ages and abilities. As I discussed with some other people recently, our young children will not work at 'work stations' with a massive big computer box in front of them in twenty years. They will be mobile, they will use apps, they will work with technology that is not even thought about yet. The jobs they have may not have been invented either.

Exciting times I say. Very exciting.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write either of my posts regarding EA Mobile. I discussed an arrangement with EA Mobile and they agreed to fund my child's primary school with an ipad to allow the teachers to trial the technology in the classroom. The school gets to keep the iPad and I get to tell you what the school thought of using ipads and if the games were of use to the class.


  1. I think it's great if a school recognises the benefits of teaching with a iPad enough to justify investing in themselves. I've heard of other schools requesting that the parents buy the iPads for their children. Can you imagine them making it to and from the classroom without incident?!?!?!? Better that they stay at school.

    1. Hadnt thought of that L. After less than a year a lunch box has barely survived, you would need a really great cover for the ipads - maybe those FisherPrice ones!!

  2. This is a great post for me as I just bought my boy one for his birthday. He is 10 and I wanted to get him off my computer and to use an iPad for educational use. Some fun will be had too of course! He is top of his class at the moment, and I want to push his knowledge a bit more than what he gets at school.

    I will try out those apps too, great suggestions.

    My younger 7 year old fella isn't as into school and reading as the older one, so I need apps that will engage him and push him a bit too. Thankyou so much

    1. When I chatted with the teacher, we discussed how some of them are just 'games' - well I did anyway, she explained to me that games are the often the best way to teach, depending on the child. There are ways to motivate and encourage, simple games just to teach how to use an ipad screen, talking games and games where you can't advance without reading just a little bit of text, be it NEXT, UP, ACROSS etc

      love to hear how it all goes and any apps that you find that you love. Finding the great apps can be the hardest part sometimes.

  3. My school is transitioning to ipads too next year. I say it's a great option to have to keep learning interesting for the kids.

    1. It is, and it is exciting and amazing to see what can be done on an app, so many possiblities.

  4. We are lucky that our school rates keeping up with technology and advances very high on their list. They have macs in each classroom and last year integrated an ipad program from Prep to Grade 6.

    1. Love this, we have a new principal too who is crazy about Macs. I expect a Mac Takeover over the next few years - maybe Popps will teach me how to use ours!

  5. My son's school also has a Prep iPad program which is proving to be very popular with the kids and the teachers. I am a little concerned that it significantly increases his daily "screen time", which sometimes can have a roll on effect with his behaviour, however it seems that with some good running around and "green time" we've been able to limit the effects of this. Because he is one of the top performers in the class, the apps have really engaged him and allowed him to work at his level. Most other kids have apparently been suffering from iPad fatigue and it is not as popular an activity in discovery learning as it was earlier in the year. Not so with him... maybe he's just a computer nerd like his Dad!

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