Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sliding back in to things

I am still on official work holidays and have been taking the girls on little adventures all over the place.

We headed to the Heide Museum and ate lunch boxes from cafe vue, yummo, one classy picnic.

image from Heide website

We folicked at Williamstown beach.

We have made white choc freckles, a trial for Popps' birthday in a couple of weeks.

We turned the old brown and rarely used cubby house into a beauty parlour. It is now a busy little salon.

We walked and explored the city and climbed over every statue, rock path and waterfall we could find.

My new Chanel sunglasses. I love them, thanks SQ for getting them from Bali!

As 2011 begins I still need to work some things out with daycare, kinder, getting to the blogging conference,  how much I want to grow my own business and how much time I really have to dedicate to this little blog. I was hoping to have these ideas sorted in my head by now, but I haven't.

I do have eight doz sausage rolls made ready for the party and fingernails painted in glitter polish by a two year old. Yes, I am a classy lady.


  1. Glitter polish is really what holidays with kids are all about :) Good luck with your planning.

  2. Oh wow white chocolate freckles sound devine!

  3. l had my toes done in bright blue by horsemad girl..


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