Monday, January 10, 2011

Fussy Worms

From crusts to banana peels, leftovers to apple cores we have a wheely bin of scraps at the Babble House each week. In my attempts to become a little more green SS invested in a worm farm (as my Christmas present two years back) but I just can't seem to get this apparently fool proof option to work.

With the crazy days heat of 2009 the worms carked it. They have now been replaced and I started off with a fresh batch of wormies. Had a little chat with them about all the good food they were going to have to consume for me.

But no.

They can't keep up. Even only feeding them a bowl of scraps every three days, I seem to have worms with an eating disorder. They pick and choose and leave the rest behind.

Then the flys got in and maggots arrived.

I nearly vomited into the worms from the smell.

SS cleaned it out and we are trying again.

So greenie friends, help me out, what am I missing in the worm farm quest?


  1. Oh, we have problems with out compost. Too wet? Too dry? Not enough dry leaves, too much food. We've found it's a fine balance.

    I'm sure that didn't help much, but keep trying. You'll get it right soon. I promise. xx

  2. You need more worms, Miss ClaireyH. We had the same problem, actually I gave our worm farm away after I found a redback under the lid. It just freaked me out too much.

    My compost bin is so more efficient at gobbling up all those food scraps - especially this time of year. And it has the added benefit of being able to put newspaper, grass clippings, etc in too. But worm farms are great if you don't have a lot of space....

    Anyway, get yourself another bag of worms and I reckon you'll be fine.

  3. More wormies you say, at fifty bucks a box of worms we might try the compost system instead.

  4. Oh dear, I would have given up by now - I don't do too well with maggots. Good luck & let us know if you sort it out. We're starting a giant veggie patch & worm farm this year. I had no idea this king of thing could happen.

  5. I think you have to have wet newspaper on top of the worms as they like it moist?!. They dont like the heat, I have found stable straw and pony poo are great around the Veggie garden and the worms under the straw are great!

    Maybe a couple of chooks ??

  6. I don't know the answer but I don't feel alone anymore. This is the kind of thing that happens to me. XD

  7. PMSL. Only you could have worms with an eating disorder. I have only one friend with a worm farm - hers all carked it on a hot day as well. I'm with the chook vote.

  8. Oh no !
    Our worms carked it too either in 2009/2010 - they don't like citrus or onions was all I knew.
    I feed our scraps to the neighbours chickens (one day when we get our own I'll use that compost)
    Who would thought worms could be so $$$$ (ours were a $100)

  9. I can't do work farms either. We had an ant infestation last time we tried and so I gave up in disgust. Boring old compost for us... oh and chooks... they'll eat anything!

  10. We have a worm farm and its rockin'. Its in a permanent shady spot in the garden. We started off with one box of worms from The Big Shed (Bunnings) and at first they struggled, but a few years on they easily get through it all - I feed them 1 medium sized bowl of food scraps per day.

  11. I'll ask my eldest tomorrow - they had worms at school (no really...not *those* worms) and they grew like topsy!!
    Will get back to you...


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