Thursday, January 27, 2011

Advice from the wise women

Once upon a time when I was a younger lass (you know, those early 20 days of dimple free thighs and wearing bikinis cos your tummy muscles were still hanging around), anyway, I started dating Babble Dad.

As time went by Christmas and birthdays came along and I was firmly sticking to the belief that if he really knew me, loved me etc he would know exactly what I wanted as gifts.

Yeah right. Tennis racquet anyone? Or how about some snow gloves (I don't ski) there is also a push bike rusting away at my parents house.

So after some discussion with one of the wonderful wise women in my life I was told if you really want something tell them exactly what it is and you will get what you want EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Pretty simple advice, and maybe it takes away some of the surprise work etc, but if you tell them a whole list of things they can choose something off the list.

I gave this advice a try (it also had information about men not being good at mind reading etc).

I tell you all this because today I have been wearing (again) one of the items that is becoming a regular on my wish lists. Elk. I love it.

I don't really do the whole jewelery thing, but these pieces are easy to wear, decent colours, go with lots of things and certainly don't break the bank.

After I started wearing my 'tree' a heap of my friends did too. Mine didn't quite survive Immy's baby fingers fiddling with it, but it is now a nice decoration hanging from the coat rack.

My other little thing is anything from Benefit Makeup, off he goes, buys anything he likes from that scrumptious counter and knows I will just love it to bits.

Do you have any items that you just love, that people can easily get you and know you will be over the moon? Or are you still enjoying a new iron, bread maker and golf putter each special occasion?

Elk stuff is here

Benefit Cosmetics is here

And no, this is not a sponsored post. Sometimes I just like to share my favourite stuff.


  1. What beautiful things. And so smart to spell out what you want. It certainly has its benefits. In fact, I shared to hubby at Christmas time I needed new bras. And voila. New pretty things. In fact, I just blogged about the very thing. What wonderful hubbies we have? xx

  2. Love the Elk jewellery - thanks for the ideas for my friend's birthday!

  3. I'm a big fan of Elk jewellery - have several necklaces myself and am always recommending to clients who are yet to get into accessories.
    I always give my husband a "list of possibilities" ... that way no-one gets harmed :)

  4. Elk is the bees knees. Teamed it today with my new dress. Felt very flash with minimal effort.

  5. Oh thank you for introducing me to Elk! I wish I knew to send that link to people a couple of months ago when it was my birthday..

  6. Going to check out Elk after this. I leave a list for my husband. We spent the first couple of years where he would give me horribly practical gifts while I got him romantic ones. Took us a bit to figure out we wanted what we were giving each other!

  7. Ohh, haven't heard of Elk before but I will be checking them out. I do give my hubby a list but he thinks he knows better sometimes and gets me 'practical' things like the onion slicer he got me for Mother's Day last year that I don't use because, really, it's easier to use a knife...


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