Saturday, January 15, 2011

A letter

Dear Popps

We can't believe it, you are turning five.

It seems like you have only just arrived. But after screaming your way through the first two years of life you have firmly found your style, your character and your personality.

You are the best big sister anyone could ever want, Immy adores you, imitates you and follows you around like a puppy, she knows she can rely on you because you always look out for her.

You are about to start a year of 'big girl Kinder' while many of your little friends are off to school, we are confident we have made the right choice in giving you an extra year of free play, of imaginative and creative choice through your day. An extra year of box construction, dress ups, mud pies and time at home to be lost in make believe and fairy land.

We worry about you.

You often carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. After daddy once said, "eat your breakfast, lots of kids don't have any to eat" you were devastated, wanting to invite them all over, to take our weet bix to the streets in search of a hungry child. You were 3.

Recently you were in tears as you watched Daddy have a biscuit...AFTER dinner, it is not healthy you cried, you can't eat sugar after dinner!!

You are a smart cookie and pick up things quickly if people give you the time to explain things.

You have given up the idea of being a doctor, saying they hurt people too much with needles and stuff and you would never want to do that.

You're an easy target for bullies, but still have asked to invite the girl who has bullied you all year at creche to your party (no chance).

Currently you still plan on going to university to be a fairy when you grow up.

You are funny, you do crazy things that make us laugh a lot. We all had to leave the room while you set the table, wanting to pretend it was a cafe. As we were seated by our little waitress we struggled not to laugh at our napkins...strips of toilet paper spread across the table beneath our cutlery.

You refuse to wear jeans unless we bribe you so we have spent a fortune on woolly tights this winter as you crawl through tunnels, fall off your bike, or play in the dirt and come home with holes in your knees again. On our recent beach holiday you were quite concerned about how you would get through the week once you realized there was only one skirt packed. "Shorts! Why would you pack shorts Mum".

We love you all the way to the moon, around the stars and back again.

You are always thinking of other people, making sure you don't 'hurt their feelings', worried about making other people happy. Perhaps a little too worried.

You may be the youngest nerd ever, begging Mum to buy flash cards so you could learn to write properly. You are constantly sounding out words. Please stop reading graffiti!

We hope many things for you, we hope being five is a magical time for you, that you become less anxious about the world, that you remain as healthy as you are and are surrounded by lovely little friends.

We hope you learn to ride a bike before your 21st birthday.

Happy Birthday Popps,
We love you to bits!

Mummy and Daddy


  1. Happy birthday Popps! What a wonderful little person you are. xo


    Newest follower I hope you can come by & check us out! thanks

    Great pictures!

  3. This is beautiful. My youngest is five going on six and about to start first year of school (prep) in Queensland. They grow up too quickly.x

  4. Beautifully written piece about a lovely little girl Claire. She sounds like a sweet and eccentric little individual - my very favourite kind. Happy birthday Popps.

  5. That is a beautiful post. Happy birthday to your little girl...she sounds wonderful :)

  6. Taking the Weetbix to the streets. What an insightful, caring little soul. Happy birthday little lady! :)

  7. Oh the little sweetheart. I think your daughter and mine will be completing the same fairy course at uni ;) Happy birthday sweet girl

  8. So delightful. Happy Birthday for last week. She's so gorgeous. xx

  9. What a lovely post and a lovely, lovely blog! I'm so happy to have found you here via the lovely Allison at Life In A Pink Fibro.

  10. Such a sweet post - this will be one to print out and put into a special folder to keep for her. Love the 'go to university to be a fairy'!!! x

  11. Oh that is the most beautiful post I think I've ever seen! Especially the bit about the weetbix. What a divine child :-)
    Hope your little fairy had a lovely birthday :-)

    PS: I have photos on that beautiful moon too!

  12. This is just divine. What a sweet, thoughtful little (big) girl. I hope she does that degree in Fairyism. I'd like to read the thesis.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  13. That is absolutely priceless Cobs xx

  14. What a fabulous little girl you have! I'd love to see a Degree in Fairyism. xxx

  15. Just love it. She is beautiful and well done to her mum and dad. Xx

  16. Just gorgeous. Sweet, sweet girl.
    You and her Dad are wonderful.


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