Monday, January 31, 2011

It's all about my work when I win some Awards.

In the last little while I have been awarded five blogging awards .

Blogging Awards I hear you ask. Not quite the ARIAS or the Pulitzer Prize but recognition of Blogs that you have stumbled across and enjoyed.

Blog awards are some marketing woman's (always a woman)* genius idea of getting traffic to her blog.

The idea is to provide the award with a few rules, pass it to a stack of people and ensure they all link back to you. Hopefully some of those people like what they see and follow you or come back. But it is done with a lot of fun and I have had a good laugh at some of the posts written for Awards.

As I have received a few I am going to put them all in together and start by saying thank you to

Life in a Pink Fibro, Styling You, Big Words Blog, Becky and James

Then I have to share seven things about myself that I have not already told you. I wasn't sure where to go with this so as I have already mentioned marketing (which is my work) let's stay on that theme. Here are seven things about my work history:

1) My first job was at the Meredith Sheep Diary, thee of fabulous cheeses, like the marinated feta and Ash cheese. It was my job to record how many mills of milk each sheep provided each morning and night. It was recorded by hand first and passed to me at the end of the week to update a database. The pages generally covered in sheep poo and spilt milk.

2) I was one of the first people who worked for World 4 Kids, we had more training than I have had for any other job, three weeks paid to learn about the culture, style, rules, toys, etc, they were desperate to beat Toys R Us who had just launched their first store.

3) My Pub job while I was at uni was the best ever. The owner allowed us open bar after work every Friday and Saturday night, I never had to drink beer again, and still don't drink it. I was able to get through uni drinking Sub Zero (remember them) vodka, Fruit Tingles, squashed frogs...

I once had corporate shots for work,
brown was in I tell you! And blogger is making the image wobbly.
4) I went to uni to become an Economist. I majored in Economics, but along the way realised that Marketing was so much more my thing and majored in that too.

5) That degree is probably how I ended up as a Marketing Executive at the Australian Stock Exchange - Derivatives Division...are you still with me? One of the projects I was in charge of was called WISDOM, Woman in Stock, Derivatives and Options Markets, it is a great shame this project finished when my time at ASX did too...and my fabulous mentor from there also went on to much more amazing things.

6) I worked in Dublin for a year. It was THE BEST. They even provided lunch every day, and breakfast, and excellent bonuses. Doubt they will this year, but those were the good ol' Celtic Tiger days. Companies around the world could learn a thing or twenty about looking after staff from DCC plc.

7) I run my own Marketing Business, it is very very small, so far I have two clients who pay me, and a heap that don't. It is called Marketing Matters. It now has a logo. And Kay, it is the best logo ever made.

check it out:

OK, enough about me. I now need to pass this award on to 15 more bloggers that I love.

But that is way too many, and I know that NO ONE is going to click on them all (a little consumer behaviour that I have noticed from the stats from other blog awards) so I shall give you three that I currently enjoy at the moment, whose posts I always read when they pop into my feeddler reader.

Mogantosh - just cos she writes nice, I like her style, and she isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

Oesch and Doots - it starts with the great blog header (I have blog header envy from this one) and keeps going.

Unhappy Hipsters - just click and enjoy the photos, amazing images and finds from around the world. I don't expect they will be linking back to little old me anytime soon though.


  1. LOL. Congrats on your multi-award winning status...

  2. Thanks for those links, I haven't come across those blogs before. Off to check them out...

  3. My nosey side loves reading all these bits and pieces about people!

    Will check out those three blogs - I haven't visited those ones before.

  4. I like learning about the person behind the blog :)

  5. You should feel the love from all those awards! And I forgive you for the corporate brown. I do remember owning some myself. x

  6. Well done, Clairey! Your stash of awards is duly noted and very deserved.

    I also love unhappy hipsters. Never fails to make me feel better about those over-styled people the media says I'm meant to envy... x

  7. Great post! Just had to say one thing - you worked at Meredith Sheep Dairy!???!! How wonderful! I love their goats cheese. Why did you ever leave? haha. Ok sheep poo and spilt milk don't sound all that great. I hope they were generous with their workers & gave you freebies :)
    Heidi xo


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