Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Relationship with Mr Smeg.

When we moved into Chez Babble I was hoping the newbie Smeg oven would assist me with my desire to improve my rankings in The Domestic Goddess Ranks (currently at about 3 out of 10).

Rental ovens are not known for their cake winning formulas. I had a helping hand with this new expensive gadget.

So Mr Smeg and I got to work, I lovingly learnt his settings, twisted his dials and carefully pushed his buttons.

I attempted some cakes, some homemade pies, a quiche. It wasn't great but we were building a relationship.

Then Mr Smeg died, two months out of warranty. Doctor Smeg visited and said it was what happens, wear and tear and all that, fork over $280 and we will be set. I was surprised, wear and tear on an oven barely used over two years??

And what about the electric clock bit I ask.

Oh, says Doctor Smeg, that part alone is $450, I can order it in for you.

No thanks Dr Smeg I mumble. I know I could get a rental style oven for less than that!

And this is how my cake came out!

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  1. Have you met Mr Bosch, he rocks it. Although we have only been in a relationship for one year, however he is endlessly forgiving, but never cleans up after himself despite saying so on our first date.

  2. I am currently having an affair with Mr AEG Electrolux. He is not exactly mine, I am mindind him while his usual mistress is overseas. He is divine, always comes on ontime, heats up fast, and gives good results (if you know what I mean). He is also meant to clean up after himself, but that involves activity that I've been a bit frightened of trying so far.

  3. Oh no!! Now you have me worried. I too have been courting Mr Smeg. I found him for a song at an online auction and we are almost out of warranty too. Fingers crossed mine is a keeper.

  4. Cant stop Laughing...
    Love my oven mr fisher-pyle only thing that has gone wrong that the fan burnt out which can be a problem with them but the best oven i ever had it a double oven and about to get a work out cooking for shearers !! did you spray the cake pan????

  5. Yes, I did spray the cake pan, and yes that stupid pan is now in the sand pit, they are useless and hard to clean, back to traditional pans for me.

  6. A good chef never blames their tools! Keep on cooking.. No complaints from the chez babble team..

  7. Mr Samsung & I are in a very bad relationship. It's very clearly not working but hubs says unless Mr Samsung is terminal I need to keep working at the relationship. I had a rental oven held together with occy straps that cooked better than Mr Samsung! Anyway... The oil may have been part of the problem with your stuck cake. Instead of greasing silicone you just run it under cold water and flick off the excess... Seriously. It seems stupid but it works... Most of the time.


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