Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nothing like a Finn

There is something magical about the call you get to announce a new member of the family.

Typically, just as I hit the tunnel on the train last night my brother rang with the news that the newest edition to the family had arrived.

I couldn't hear the message, I couldn't make a call out. I was frantic to hear the good news, what did they have, what name, was everyone well?

It was only minutes before I got through the tunnel and heard all about it.

Today we have got to see him, less than 24 hours old.

A fabulous 4.1kg

Finn Cam Hewitt arrived quickly and safely.

He is already being loved to death by these two cousins, but big Brother Christian is not too impressed with his sibling just yet, and certainly wasn't going to pose for a photo, much preferring to run around the outside garden.

And here is Finn.

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  1. Nawww. I love the puffy squidgy newborn look, so adorable. Congrats on becoming an aunty again.

  2. Congratulations!
    What a beautiful baby.
    I heart cuddling newborns. X

  3. Congratulations I love the name Finn.
    He is so adorable .
    PS The Apricot Dew arrived - thank you :)

  4. I swear I ovulated looking at these pics. Congratulations! x

  5. Wish blogs had a smell plugin so I could sniff that gorgeous baby's head!

  6. Aww! These photos are adorable! Congratulations :)

  7. Oh, the fatter the better. He's the same size as my second one. Chubbabubs. Love it. Thanks for sharing your new little nephew. xx

  8. I'm going to have extra contraceptive pills this morning, those pics are making me TERRIBLY CLUCKY. No, I don't need another baby.
    He is a beautiful little guy. Love the name too.


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