Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old Style Party Time

I am in party mode, not crazy out clubbing style anymore though.

I am having the first real children's party at our new house. Due to the new trend of hosting parties anywhere but home, Popps wasn't too sure about this whole DIY shindig.

What is this pass the parcel caper I am talking of, who will entertain them, what will they do?

Kind of sad that a child about to turn five has no idea of the traditional kids party that we all experienced, well i did in the 70's and 80's.

So I am trying my best to put my Best Mum in the World hat on, I have the parcel wrapped, the songs for musical cushions (chairs are now too dangerous) spare lollies and gifts for anyone that has a tanty about not winning.

There is one dilemma, I talked up Pin The Tail on the Donkey. But I can't find it, I have looked high and low, trips to Spotlight, Kmart, cheapie shops, supermarkets have left me donkey-less.

One of my bridesmaids suggested I use the one that we had from my hens night.

But, I don't think Pin the Penis on the Hunk is really suitable.

Tomorrow is cake day, Australian Womens Weekly birthday book is out and ready to make me weep as per every year.

Stay tuned, will let you know how it goes!

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  1. Make your own donkey MOTY. And be sure to post a picture. Egg and spoon races always go down a treat. As does musical statues. Good luck!

  2. All the best!!! It's going to be fabulous (and you can download another Pin The Tail On The Donkey from the WWW). xx

  3. I am about to embark on my first birthday cake making experience for Little M's first birthday. I have already thrown away a few cake making books that have practical impossible cakes in them. To the point that I am even writing a Cakes for the busy mum book - Dead easy impressive looking cakes! Hopefully will be ready for M's #2 birthday!!

  4. All fun ahead..heaps of little 5yr running oh what fun..the cake the best bit to make as the little one always loved it! Relax..oh have brown brothers when the party over..

  5. I was going to suggest make your own. Musical statues is a big hit. Sometimes you find they just want to play.
    Good luck and remember...enjoy x

  6. Ohhh fun, fun!! It is sad that parties are so far removed from what we once knew. It's kind of more a competition thing.
    Good luck with the cake. I cam sure it will be great. I can't make birthday cakes to save my life - thankfully I have a wonderful husband who does those things :)

  7. I hope your little one has a beautiful birthday and you stay dry. She will remember who was there, not who weren't able to and it will be a wonderful day for her no matter what . much love and blessings Kelli

  8. I hosted my daughter's 4th birthday last year. It was very old-school, she loved it, it was awesome, but be prepared to collapse afterwards!

    In lieu of a donkey we found some wall decals of a cat (daughter's favourite animal) holding a birthday cake, and we played stick the candle on the cake.

    Musical statues was a hit, and we also did a little craft activity at the start to allow Birthday Girl to uwrap her presents, and to give everyone time to arrive. For our agegroup, this was perfect - giving all the kids (especially those who didn't know everyone) a chance to settle in.

    And for all the effort, I just remember the look on her face when the cake was put in front of her and all her friends sang happy birthday - the picture of happiness!

    Good luck! Have a great day, and happy birthday to your little princess!


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