Sunday, December 4, 2011

Do you return things?

When I buy something, I just expect it to be what I paid for. I don't keep the receipts for 'just in case'. Lately I have been buying a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff is total rubbish.

But do you return it?

Are you the sort who makes the effort to go back and get your money back?

After a wonderful party where they had hired a fairy floss machine, I stumbled across a a small machine in Kmart for $40 and I thought that it would be great to have for the parties we have coming up. We bought the stuff to make it all up and had a practice run.


Total dud of a product.

But can you return something you have used? I always feel like I am a hassle of a customer returning things. It is now used - what will happen to it? Will it go back somewhere or just to landfill? I don't know if it just doesn't work at all, or we got a dud. I suspect it is just a useless product.

Then last week, after finally getting Popps to agree that dresses and skirts did not have to be worn every single day of her life, we got some new jeans (thank you Chocolate Freckles for having such great taste) and then some new cargo pants.

One wear of the Cargo Pants and there is a split in the seam. I could sew it up. I should probably return them. I want to, but I know I wont. I know I will feel uncomfortable saying, they were worn once and they split, can I exchange them for a new pair?

Immy wanted a backpack,  a little one that she could carry herself. I found a beautiful one and two weeks in and the zip on the bag is busted. Again, it is used, very lightly, maybe 3 or 4 times from carrying only her blanket. It was not a cheapie one. Again, it is now useless.

Returning things now means getting a park in the Christmas rush, carrying the things around with me, lining up and dealing with my guilt as busy and overworked retail staff look at me as a hassle rather than a buyer. I will attempt to patch the pants, but the rest will go lay around the house until months and months away we realise it for the crap it is and throw it out.

What about you, do you return things or just count your losses (literally)?



  1. Some things I return. Clothing that has seams unravelled etc after one wear I certainly do.

    Other things I just can't be bothered with. I bought a totem tennis set yesterday and one bit of it is cracked. But it only cost $13 and it works just as well without it.

    I must admit at this time of year I'm less likely to return things. It's enough of a hassle just going to the shops in all the rush without returning things.

  2. I'm always in two minds about this stuff too, mainly because it is a hassle and you wonder sometimes what the point is. It is true what you say that so much of what is made today is rubbish.

    I've returned things that I've worn. I have some pants I'm taking back to the shop even though I don't have a receipt. It's a big retailer and I don't want my money back but I want them to know the product is rubbish and don't get any more in.

    I just had to go shopping yesterday to replace those exact same pants and they were offering the return pants for less than half price. So do they know they're crap and they're discounting or what? I wonder.

    I went with something a little different but am still worried these also won't last. I don't consider $40 a throwaway garment so I hope these last the distance.

    I just wish they would make things properly in the first place so that you ended up with what you wanted. So often, the transaction ends with you getting your money back but without the product you wanted in the first place so you still have to look for another one.

    Took me three goes to buy a new toaster earlier in the year. Just ridiculous. It's not a hard thing to make but for some reason, it has become acceptable to sell stuff that doesn't appear to have had any quality control whatsoever.

  3. I totally return things. It's a pain and I often feel embarrassed but whenever I don't do it, I end up stewing about having been ripped off!

    This time of year makes it particularly awful though.

  4. I called Coles Online on Friday and explained I needed to return the soft brown sugar that was not soft. $1.74. Tragic.

    So yes, I am a returnee.

    I keep receipts, I am very pleasant and polite about it, but yes, I always return if I am not happy.

    It's not about the $$. It just annoys the shit out of me when stuff doesn't do what it's supposed to.

  5. I don't return stuff generally, unless it's just exchanging a size or something.

    My MIL always checks her receipts, keeps them and follows through. She bought a toy before my first son was born. A year later when it stopped working she returned it, they couldn't get any more in so they refunded her AND she kept the broken one!

    I keep the receipts for major purchases - appliances, electronics etc but haven't ever had to use them yet. Touch wood

  6. Mostly, I do. Even if worn. It might take me a while, but eventually I get there....

  7. You should totally return the items retails and manufacturers need to be aware and held accountable for their inferior products and poor quality or they will continue to lower the bar.

  8. Most things I return and though husband wouldn't bother ever unless it was expensive !
    I am terrible , I'll return cold food at FAST food places too.
    Goodluck - NOT fit for the purpose intended !

  9. I'm a bit like you. I find it a real hassle to return stuff - why can't we just get what we pay for? As I type I have a target bag at my feet containing a pair of white cargo's I bought that need to be day!

  10. Sometimes I return things, sometimes I don't... If the cost versus the hassle doesn't match then no, but if I feel strongly enough and it's 'relatively' easy to return then yes.

    I really wish I was the type to be able to return bad coffee/food etc like Trish! I admire people who stick to their guns. Service wouldn't be so poor if everyone demanded what they actually paid for!

    As for landfill - I used to work for a reverse logistics company. They gathered all the 'returns' from the big retailers, consolidated them in a central warehouse then returned them to the manufacturer. Unfortunately I don't know what happens to them when they get back to the manufacturer. Landfill I'm guessing though the optimist in me hopes they examine what's been returned and use that as R&D for product design....


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