Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas with a big family

I am really lucky that my Dad is one of nine children.

Lucky because Christmas has always been a huge affair, with cousins to play with and a great Christmas atmosphere.

Today we had Hewitt Christmas, it is more often held before Christmas now as all the grand kids (that's me) have grown up and have partners and more children and the logistics get too hard.

So what is it like to spend a Christmas lunch with around 65 family members?

Well, there is the food. Plenty of food. And you will eat seconds even if you don't want to, because it is so yummy.

There is Christmas Pudding, which Grandma makes every year, for forty years it has been made, we never get through it, but the same size is made every year. It always gets gobbled up over the next few days.

This is less than half the original size.

When a cousin shares bouquets of the herbs from her garden, your 88 year old Grandpa will ask if that is marijuana.

Your children are shy for the first three hours and hang off your legs, then when it is time to go they will hide in the toilets so they don't have to leave.

You accept that there is no chance you will get a decent photo of all the great grand kids, so you put Grandma and Grandpa at the back and just pile the kids onto the rug and all start snapping. Four new babies to the clan this year and one extra on the way.

The 5 year old will look at this pile of presents and whisper, "Do you think there might be one for me there?"

She will nearly wet her pants with excitement when ten presents appear with her name on them. Your mother will dress you in matching Christmas dresses, and if she is a blogger she will have stolen the pattern from Pinterest.

Even though you have eaten enough for the week, you will return home with a little bowl of extra treats.

Going to bed at 6.30pm in your party dress because you are too tired to even walk is considered ok.

You will all say farewell with a "See you at Easter?"

Do you have the fortune of a big family?

And yes, for those that can't help themselves but ask, we are Catholic.



  1. What a fabulous way to celebrate Claire! Sounds like such fun and the girls dresses are gorgeous!

  2. Claire that is beautiful and brought a tear to my eye. I am not from a large family and remember getting most excited when my three cousins would come for Christmas. You are very lucky indeed. xx

  3. My dad is the youngest of 9 himself, my hubby is the youngest of 7. Nothing but big families around me. It is lovely when everyone can get together. Your girls dresses look lovely, glad you had a good day. :)

  4. Both my folks come from such big families too. Though half their numerous siblings are overseas there are enough that Xmas was insanity a lot of the time too.
    Nothing better than having all those cousins though. Some of them are still my best friends today.

  5. Yes. Big and blended. We had Dad's Xmas lunch today too. Sounds very similar to yours, but with Apple Pie x

  6. Wowzers - you win - that is a huge (and wonderful) family gathering.

    We used to have the large family gathering before my grandparents passed away years ago - but now not so big and thank goodness I can now add - Manageable!

    It looked lovely Clairey :)

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  7. We had our big Christmas today too!! 35 people plus the kids, so much fun.
    We get to do it all again next Sunday with the Farmers family too
    :) LOVE Christmas.
    Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  8. I'm jealous. My mum is one of five and dad one of six, but their families are all interstate and my grandparents have all passed away. We never did get to have a big family Christmas with great grand kids.

    Our Christmas will be with my inlaws - MIL/FIL, DH's 2 brothers &1 girlfriend, DH's Poppy and the four of us. Nice and quiet - but I'd love a huge family Christmas one day.

  9. The dresses and your cherubs are gorgeous. It looks like a wonderful day ..were they pistachio macaroons (?) I spied.

  10. Before I met hubby, the largest christmas gathering I'd been to was 7 people. And that was a squeeze in our house! My mum has only 4 grandkids, none in the same country as her, which is so sad. My other half is one of 9 kids too, with 19 grandchildren on their side. Even though I would half kill to get to take the kids to spend Christmas day with my mum and sister back home in the UK, to see my kids with all their cousins, to hear their giggles & excitement and from the adults, the laughter, stories and bullS%$t, I feel totally privileged to be part of it all.

  11. PS Thanks for sharing your family day, it looked wonderful and I can relate to so much of it. Today I was stressed at my lack of being organised, but now I have been reminded of exactly what is important at this time of year :-)

  12. What fabulous fun that all looks! You couldn't get any bigger delight for a child surely than that pile of pressies WOW!

    Loved the little plate of cookies, very festive. I especially loved Grandpa's comment, brilliant! But most of all I loved the handmade dresses, sooooo impressed you clever lady!

    Hope to see you in the new year gorgeous gal.


  13. Looks like so much fun! Love the dresses, how very cute are your girls!
    My mum is one of five children and I am the first of 16 grandchildren - family Christmas was always so much fun.
    We'll not be going this year as they're having it somewhere that's not appropriate to take three small children and I hate that we will be missing out on catching up with everyone.

  14. Wow, that is just so wonderful that I can hardly type. All that is good about Christmas is wrapped up in this post, Clairey. Including the lovely styling of the garlands in the trees...! x

  15. That's one big family and I love it! You are so lucky to have this:)We don't have a family that big but I do love it when we all get together. Your blog is gorgeous by the way. Lovely to meet you-Belinda

  16. Matching Christmas dresses!

    We had an extended family Christmas on Sunday too (not with 65 people mind!) and the kids had an absolute ball. Love that they all get on with play, the way it used to be done.

    Happy Christmas dear Clairey. See you in 2012 x


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