Friday, December 23, 2011

An owl party.

I was planning to share the joys of Imogen's birthday with you. But that will have to wait as I am still collating photos from here, there are everywhere.

But I know lots of my readers enjoy seeing the excellent results of a nice little well planned party, be it for big or little people.

Remember Max? Well we got an invite to his party too, as he turned three and his parents put on a really sweet party and had really considered everything.

I didn't ask permission to use images of any other children, so I don't have a huge number of photos to share, but this should give you the idea.

There was a baby animal petting corner, where the kids got to hold lots of baby rabbits, chickens, ducks and guinea pigs. This rabbit looks like he wants to escape, but he sat quietly for quite some time.

The theme was owls, and these are the cutest owl cupcakes.

There are some mighty talented cake making people out there. You know that I am not one of them, but I certainly enjoy seeing the results of those that are. (Of course I had some cake too!)

The Lolly table was actually not emptied in a matter of seconds, most of the kids were off at the dress ups corner, the baby animals, painting plaster owls or running around.

But it was a very hot day and Miss Imogen was a big fan of the glass bottles and paper straws, until she realised that chewing on a paper straw means you can't suck anything more through it.

Max's Mumma gave a lovely little speech and shared with us the owl theme actually came from some therapy strategies that they use which is called Observe, Watch, Listen. (OWL) which I also thought was a great motto to use myself sometimes, rather than just coming over all screechy Mumma in the first instance.

If you have a birthday during this festive season - I hope you have one as good as this.



  1. Love the cup cakes and cakes! What a great job!! Looks like a great party!

  2. Love that party - looks like a great theme.

    It's my mum's birthday tomorrow - I always feel sorry for her having to share her birthday with the Christmas season!

  3. How clever is Max's Mum? Such a great spread. I am loving the OWL acronym. Easy to remember and not a bit of screechy mama there! We have three children with birthdays in December (17 and 25x2)! Bad family planning!!!! Have a great Christmas Clairey x

  4. I love that owl cake and the message of its acronym is fantastic.

    Enjoy your Christmas, Clairey :)


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