Friday, December 16, 2011

Time to decorate - NOT a christmas post.

Now that she is three, Immy needs a new room.

The toddler bed and the change table can go and the room can be more ‘her’. As it is, she got the ‘boys’ room from the previous owners and we have done nothing to change this for her. Poor second child got all the old cot linen and cot and even the snuggly pink rug on the floor she only got as Popps was sick of it.

So I have started thinking about what to do with her room, it isn’t large, but it is ok for a single bed. (which I won’t be getting from Adairs like I expected as they now sell Playboy stuff and I am on my moral high horse about not supporting businesses that sell things to support the porn industry…I digress)

The room will not look like this:

The budget does not extend that far, nor does the ceiling.

But I love the tree idea as something not too baby and not too teenage. This one might get a little wrecked and only provide mess to clean up.

So I will be putting up this one instead. I love wall stickers and in the past when we were renting I got some super cheap and nasty ones, that meant we had to repaint the entire room when we left. I have learnt my lesson and after giving these a try on the wall I know they are not going to ruin everything they touch. I also like how Immy will be able to rearrange the birds, and butterflies and the overall look as she pleases. 

I might also set up this bed and canopy too, we have it in storage as it was what Popps used to have...opps, it seems hand me downs are just a part of being a second child.

Bright Star Kids have kindly sent me this tree sticker to put up in Immy's room after we had a discussion of what I might need. When I checked out their stuff I nearly went for the birds on a wire for our own room, or the Christmas Tree Wall Art stickers for our kitchen area. They have some great stuff. Check them out for some decent kids gifts or for items to get your house a little more groovy.

Can't wait to show you how it works out. Have you decorated your kid's bedrooms with wall stickers?

Images: The first images here are from Pinterest, then Bright Star Kids and the last is from Ikea.



  1. Oh I love decorating children's rooms. Such fun, although my budget never seems to stretch as far as I'd like! But you know it doesn't take much to impress the kids. How exciting for Immy. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. I literally put ours up the other day! we're having a baby in 5 weeks and I put some woodland animals up. Found it really hard to choose what was right for a nursery but it has made such a difference to the room. Love them! I chose these ones in the end xx

  3. We have some gorgeous butterfly wall stickers that my Immy loves but I fell in love with the 'tree' variety when I first saw them :) Maybe my second child will have them in his/her room???

  4. I put up Winnie the Pooh stickers in the nursery and they looked super cute. But now we live in an old house with timber VJ walls. The stickers crease in the cracks so I have to have hung pictures instead. Kids art on the wall looks charming. I also have some prints from an old calendar which I love. I'm with you on the Playboy issue. So silly of Adairs.

  5. I recently decorated the kids' rooms and Miss7 has "Always kiss me goodnight xx" and Mr2 has "Boy, n: noise with dirt on it". I love the fact that we can change them as they grow up

  6. I recently got some cool stickers and decorated both the boys' room and the bathroom. They love them... We have a world map, some roads with cars and some naughty painting cats...

    I wonder whether those bed canopies might be a good way to help the boys settle for the night. They share a room and this might be just what they need...

  7. We're loving wall stickers here as an easy way to decorate - neutral paint and things that are hard to change, but doona covers and wall stickers are great to play around with.


    so much inspiiration for my max's room here... but the boat in the roof... not sure I can pull that off..


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